Indian 2: Anirudh fans notice interlude change in Calendar song amidst sampling complaints!

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Jun/2024

Indian 2: Anirudh fans notice interlude change in Calendar song amidst sampling complaints!

Composing for a sequel like Indian 2 hasn't been easy on music director Anirudh Ravichander. When the album of Kamal Haasan, Shankar's film was released with 6 songs on June 1, 2024, fans of the first film Indian (1996), and director Shankar expressed disappointment over several reasons. These included only liking some of the songs, Anirudh's voice solely being used for most vocals, the Indian 2 album not living upto Indian movie, music or director Shankar's legacy.


While this may be alluded to a generation gap or the changing landscape of music in the Tamil film industry, young music listeners too had their own set of complaints, when it came to Indian 2's music by Anirudh Ravichander. Seemingly, Anirudh's style of making music, which includes using one too many samples in his productions, is a bone of contention for this breed of music enthusiasts. 



To premise this, Anirudh is a musician who is well versed in using electronic music presents in his own productions. He is also someone who is at the top of the game, in terms of keeping himself updated with the latest software in the market (which is usually bought at a rate of Rs. 1-2 lakhs for a licensing period of 1 month), and using it optimally in the tracks he creates. While this is perfectly legal, and does not allude to a music producer's incompetence in any manner, fans of Tamil film music, especially the avid listeners seem to take issue with it.  


With Indian 2 especially, an Instagram handle that claims itself to be a 'Music Police' had pointed out the use of various samplings in the Calendar Song, composed by Anirudh. The interlude especially had made a lot of noise online for using a sample from a nexus software. This interlude has now been changed in the Calendar Song, in all forms of its release like streaming platforms and YouTube - both the Indian 2 jukebox on Sony Music South's channel and the Calendar Song single on Anirudh's channel. 



Indian 2 is a production venture of Lyca Productions and is scheduled to release in theaters on July 12, 2024. 

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