Mounaguru People Reviews

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Dec/2011

Mounaguru People Reviews

Mounaguru People Review

Mounaguru - a must watch film. Santhakumar makes a strong debut. Once again strong content wins ... Enjoyed watching - Dhananjayan G., UTV

Director Santhakumar - take a bow. Mounaguru was great. Gritty, realistic, nil masala/side-tracking. A thriller that actually works. - Pavithra Srinivasan

Surprisingly Very Nice, Good Cinema After A Long Time...But very Slow, be patient enough to watch a good movie!

Mounaguru is a triumph of good writing by Santhakumar. A script 4 me is the real hero. Mounaguru is technically slick- Raja Mohammad's editing, Mahesh Muthusamy's camera & Thaman's background score. Go for it. - Sreedhar Pillai

Awesome movie. Director sandhakumar has struck Gold right in his first movie. Arulnidhi has underplayed in most of the scenes. Simple story told in a suspence manner. Question is whether this movie will reach a masses. rating - 3/5

Good movie. Very good debut by the director. Arulnidhi gets a break. Overall, more than satisfied and movie was beyond my expectations. My rating 3.75/5 

Overall the film is above average and we SHOULD welcome such genres. This one worth spreading a word of mouth and here you have....My Word!

Very good movie, gripping screenplay, just one song...The making is also very good.

Mounaguru is another example of what a powerfully well-written script can do! It worked big time for me . Loved it. REALISTIC! 

Overall, "Mouna Guru" is a brilliant thriller with a difference. Hats off to debut director SanthaKumar & team

I didn't know what to expect when going to the movie... Finally, I am happy with the movie - Nice thriller with twists and turns lags somehow in second half... my rating 3/5 verdict - watchable. 

Movie Was okay watchable movie. 1 song is superb. Arulnithi's acting is okay. Santha Kumar Directed well Story could have been stronger... Thaman did nice job in the BGM department.

SUSPENSE MOVIE with a gripping story. Go watch it folks! 

Nice plot. Mystery movie lovers wud definetly love it...For others, it is surely NOT going to be a disappointment. The movie was a little slow at times. Arulnithi has done a good job and he gelled with the character of Karunakaran. The Film would definitely be a Hit if promoted Well...  3.75/5


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