Mounaguru silently completes 25 successful days

PUBLISHED DATE : 09/Jan/2012

Mounaguru silently completes 25 successful days

Mounaguru to complete 25 Days

Arulnidhi starrer and Director Santhakumar's Mounaguru was last year's Surprise Package at the Box office and also received good acclaim from critics. It will now silently complete 25 days in Tamil Nadu this week. The movie is being unanimously appreciated for Director's conviction for not compromising to commercial pressures. Thaman's music and Mahesh Muthusamy's camerawork are back-bone for this thriller.


Mounaguru had a limited release within Tamil Nadu and slowly expanded the number of screens turning out to be a profitable venture. In places like Coimbatore and Chennai, the collections doubled during the second and third weeks. Hope the run will continue after the Pongal movies take over the Box Office.


Dhanush extended his congratulations to Mounaguru team by tweeting "Hearing very good things about Mounaguru. Have to watch it sometime. Congrats Arul. Keep up the good work."

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