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K.S.Ravikumar’s Varalaaru has a wafer-thin story and is tackily executed. Though the film offers little in the way of surprise or newness, what makes it watchable is Ajit. Asin has tremendous screen presence, has impeccable sense of comic timing and is a treat to watch. Ravikumar and his inane scrip...(more)

Source: MovieBuzz, Sify.com


Triple whammy.

Varalaru is all Ajit. He manfully tries to lift the movie on his shoulders. To a certain extent, his screen presence and charisma see it through. Alas, only just. Varalaru is good because Ajit is good. K S Ravikumar shows only a modicum of his undoubted masala skills. A R Rahman’s music, not his bes...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, IndiaGlitz.com


Scoring in pace and performance!

The film takes off in style and races to the midway point in a jiffy. At no point does 'Varalaaru' sag. Different in story (though not entirely plausible) and characterization, the film is supported by a cornucopia of ingredients needed to make it gripping. Ajit's skills as a performer have been app...(more)

Source: Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu


Ajith all the way.

Varalaaru is undoubtedly the only must-watch release this Diwali. Watch it for a display of all the elements of Ajith's versatility and range of emotions. Asin does a decent job, and A R Rahman's music compliments Ajith's performance. The background score by Rahman also gives you a kick, time and ag...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Rediff.com


Worth a watch.

The storyline is not so complex. Yet, what makes the movie worthwhile is Ajith. The long awaited Varalaru has stuff in it in the name of Ajith, K.S. Ravikumar and a well crafted plot. The narration and an implausible screenplay succeed in entertaining the masses for two and a half hours. On the othe...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Behindwoods.com


3 thumbs up for Ajit and 3 more for Asin, KSR and A.R. Rahman!

K.S. Ravikumar plays with the audience’s minds and attention and the climax brings him much ovation from the audience. The director’s screenplay, the myriad emotions and roles of Ajit, the beauty of Asin – all form a nice combination in the movie. The audience is pulled to the edge of their seats in...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Behindwoods.com

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Illamai” Vairamuthu Mohammad Aslam, Pop Shalini
2 “Thottapuram” Vairamuthu Kalpana, Sonu Kakkar, Neol James, Peer Mohamad, Ranjith
3 “Innisai (Remix)” Vairamuthu Mahathi, Saindhavi, Naresh Iyer
4 “Kaatril” Vairamuthu S.P. Balasubramaniam, Sadhana Sargam, Reena Bhardwaj
5 “Theeyil Vizhundha” Vairamuthu A.R.Rahman
6 “Kamma Karayil” Vairamuthu Naresh Iyer, Sowmya Raoh
7 “Innisai Alapedaiye” Vairamuthu Naresh Iyer, Mahathi
8 “Illamai(Remix)” Vairamuthu Suresh Peters, Blaaze