Ala Modalaindi
21/Jan/2011 2 Hrs 20 Mins

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Ala Modalaindi
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Urbane comedy

Debutant director Nandini made sure that there is fun and humor in the movie though it�s not a typical commercial film. (more)

Source: Idlebrain Review Board, Idlebrain



B V Nandini Reddy chooses a rom-com and treads the oft-trodden path but with a fresh approach and exuberance in her maiden Telugu film Ala Modalaindi. (more)

Source: Radhika Rajamani,


It is just an average flick.

Nandini Reddy`s plot is simple but her screenplay is knitted with many twists and turns and that makes the movie a pleasant watch. (more)

Source: MovieBuzz,


Watch out for Nandini, she is here to stay.

Nandini Reddy has made her debut count. Gentlemen, here is a lady who knows to direct and has it in her to survive among the male dominated film fraternity.(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Super Good Movies

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Cheli Vinamani” Vedala Hemachandra
2 “innnalu Naa Kallu” Geetha Madhuri, Kalyani Malik
3 “Edo Anukunte ” Nithya Menen, Deepu
4 “oh baby” Veena Sahiti
5 “Ammammo Ammo” Nithya Menen, Kalyani Malik