Anaganaga O Dheerudu (U)
14/Jan/2011 2 Hrs 13 Mins

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Anaganaga O Dheerudu
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Aims at kids in the family and the kid inside you.

The director didn't succumb to the commercial trap and narrated it in a way it should be. Prakash Kovelamudi is excellent with visuals and presentation. He is highly imaginative.(more)

Source: Idlebrain Review Board, Idlebrain


A visual extravaganza

AOD is mounted on a mammoth scale. The tale is layered with many twists and turns. Prakash however should have paid more attention to his characters and their characterisation rather than the special efftects. (more)

Source: Radhika Rajamani,



Director Prakash Rao, son of ace K Raghavendra Rao, miserably failed to bring the liveliness to play in this fantasy venture. (more)

Source: MovieBuff,


Can watch it once for the stunning visuals.

Prakash Kovelamudi concentrated more on effects and didn�t work much on the script. If these visual effects are backed by a strong script then Dheerudu might have done wonders. (more)

Source: Editorial Board, Super Good Movies