Guru (U)
12/Jan/2007 2h 46m

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Very Good

Mani has to be appreciated for making a bio-pic the most difficult genre work. Guru is a mature, professionally made film with great performances. It is stylish, engrossing, classy and a must see for connoisseurs of good cinema. (more)

Source: MovieBuzz,


Watch Guru for the actors

This is irresponsible filmmaking coming from a director of such stature. It's disappointing seeing a non-biopic turn into such hagiography, and while it works completely -- save for a slightly winded second half -- as a masala film, it really had the potential to be Fantastic. It isn't.(more)

Source: Raja Sen,


Get your advance booking done

The way the story unravels keeps the audience to their seat. We have seen the Shahenshah. We have also seen the Baadshah. Ab agaya sab ka GURU! Mani Ratnam has done a fab job with the storyline. The acclaimed director has caught the audience pulse with Guru, which is no run-of-the-mill Bollywood fli...(more)

Source: Martin D'Souza,


An exceptional film

Guru is one of the best movies to have come out of Bollywood recently. Mani Ratnam, the master of his craft, arguably surpasses all his previous works in Guru. It is a perfect treat for the dreamers. A must-watch. A gem of a film.(more)

Source: Naresh Deoshi, Apunkachoice


One of the finest films

Mani's impressive repertoire includes a few bio-pics and now GURU is a welcome addition to the club. GURU is tremendously inspiring and makes you feel all the more confident to encounter challenges and hurdles that may crop up in a journey called life.(more)

Source: Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama