Baahubali (tamil) (U/A)
10/Jul/2015 Adventure, War 2 Hrs 39 Mins

Baahubali (Tamil)

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Baahubali Review - Thin Line on a Large Scale

Rajamouli deserves all the credit for venturing out to make a film on such a scale. His films have always had a thin plot and it is the way he presents that makes all the difference. 'Baahubali - The beginning too does not make you sit up with the core theme. Except for a revelation in the climax the film traverses along on expected lines. It is the grandeur that keeps camouflaging this. (more)

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With great battle scenes and hunky heroes, SS Rajamouli's fantasy film is epic

Director SS Rajamouli has done some remarkable things with this monumental film, which is the first of a two-part tale. One, he's made a film that actually gets better after intermission. Two, he's given us a new epic with Baahubali. (more)

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A spectacular masterpiece

S. S. Rajamouli, Rahul Koda, Madhan Karky and Vijayendra Prasad write a super tight screenplay without an ounce of disconnect and interest. True to the genres of epics, period war sagas. Baahubali - The making is the story of two brothers - Shivudu( Prabhas) and Rana Daggubati as Palvaalthevan (Tamil) and Bhallala Deva (Telugu and Hindi) and their fight for their kingdom, love, humanity and brotherhood.(more)

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Prabhas shines like a diamond in SS Rajamouli's magnum opus

SS Rajamouli's vision as a director is something I laud as he gives us a story of epic proportions, mythical in depiction and mythological in feel, encased in the modern day innovations of CGI and visual effects. In the acting department, Prabhas and Rana do a commendable job. Prabhas as the righteous guy and Rana as the hate-evoking villain fit their respective bills perfectly. (more)

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splendid visual feast

There are relatively small faults in a film that overwhelms and entertains through its sheer love for scale and visual wizardry. For the splendid visual feast it offers, and the solid performances, this one comes recommended!(more)

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Final impact: pretty strong.

The good king-bad king construct is very, very old hat indeed, but the manner in which it is cast by director and co-writer Rajamouli ensures that the tale has the muscle to run the distance.(more)

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Dont Miss it

It is to the director's credit that every aspect of the film - action, mind-boggling set design and choreography -- lives up to this epic film of gigantic scale. The choreography in the song that has Shiva disrobing Avantika to get her in touch with her feminine side, is an absolute gem(more)

Source: Shubha Shetty-Saha, Mid Day


Brilliant vision, well execute! Go watch Baahubali as Indian visuals effects industry comes of age

Baahubali is a terrific testimony to what Indian films can do in terms of grand and flamboyant film making and would surely be a landmark film in the annals of Indian film history.(more)

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A little more, a little less

Baahubali is several notches higher than a regular Telugu film. But it was meant to be a game changer, not a regular film. If a spellbinding saga is what you go looking for, some portions can leave you underwhelmed. The writing could have been better. Yet, there�s so much to root for.(more)




CG works in the battle sequence are amazing. Cinematography by Senthil Kumar is scintillating while dialogues by Karky are adequate. Though Maragathamani's background score is pulsating and raises the tempo, songs are average and may catch up only after the film becomes a hit. Overall, Baahubali is an entertaining period war film which should not be missed.(more)

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An epic saga of power

Baahubali is not just a film, it's an idea. An idea that makes you gasp in wonder and makes you fall in love with movies all over again. An idea that you can dream big and not be afraid because there are no limits to what you can dream of.(more)

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A one-time watch

'Baahubali' is neither an epic nor a great one. It falls under a commercial film with computer graphics. More over these kind of folklore films have come to Telugu cinema which the present generation is unaware of. If you look at the old NTR and ANR films, they are comparatively much better than 'Baahubali', remember those old films are classics and were made with no computer graphics. You can watch it once!(more)

Source: Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle


Spectacular visuals, amazing special effects

Baahubali, despite its epic dimensions - with a tendency to copy larger-than-life Hollywood heroic tales like Ben-Hur and Troy - fails at some level to draw us into the narrative. Even one of the first scenes of a huge statue being erected with the help of slaves works in a very limited way to capture audience attention or set the mood for images of flying swords and falling boulders.(more)

Source:, Hindustan Times


This film is a remarkable achievement that proves that the Indian film industry is still capable of creating grand spectacles.

Director gives us one of the fantastically mounted films from our country. The sheer scale of the film is breathtaking. Art director Sabu Cyril and cinematographer Senthil Kumar, along with the VFX team seem to have worked extra hard to make every frame appear grand, while Maragathamani's rousing score heightens the drama on screen (more)

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Pride of Telugus

Baahubali is basic Troy, Hercules story with Prince of Persia. Everything else is essentially background noise. Written by S S Rajamouli, it�s such a shame that the supposedly based on a mythology-inspired story instead resembles Croods, Magadheera, Karan Arjun, Prince of Persia and Exodus more than anything.(more)

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Visual Extravaganza

Genius director Rajamouli, should be lauded and supported for his dedication in taking Telugu cinema to the next level. Finally, if you ignore the predictable story line and keep your expectations in check, Baahubali is bound to entertain you big time.(more)

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Grand Yet Incomplete

SS Rajamouli whose strength has always been heroism elevation and commercial elements has made sure that there are many scenes where fans get exhilarated. More than 50% of the movie has action sequences. The story is narrated from different points of view. Rajamouli has used the budget, canvas and technicians effectively bring a visually rich film(more)

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Master Storyteller Rajamouli Creates Another Visual Extravaganza After 'Eega'

The second half is engaging and the war in the climax is awesome. Sabu Cyril's brilliant art direction in creating the kingdom of Maheshmathi, V Srinivas Mohan's VFX work in war scenes, Peter Hein's amazing choreography of action and war sequence, Rama's costume designs, Senthil's cinematography and designing of weapon remain highlights of the film. (more)

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SS Rajamouli's film holds out many promises

With 'Baahubali', Rajamouli has combined his gifts, of staying firmly in the past, and filling it with heightened drama and colour-drenched visuals.(more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express


A whole new start

The script isn't absolutely new or fabulous. To be fair, as its director S S Rajamouli has often said, the film encapsulates tales of Amar Chitra Katha to create a story of destiny & justice. It draws from various Indian mythical tales. (more)

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