Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada (U)
11/Nov/2016 Love, Romance 2hrs 15mins

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada
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Arun Sundar

It is not a movie thar you would expect from somebody of Gautham Menon caliber. Pales in comparison to his previous movies with lack of logic in many scenes. The final reveal about Simbu character is so disappointing. (more)


Möhãmëd Fâzïl

It'seems a nice moviefor str carrier I really like this movie (more)


Ashad Ahamed

Movie crow (51AYM) review was unfair vijaysedupathi (54%Rekka )fill better then AYM (more)


Sabeel Irshad

Good Movie.Music at its Best...Overall Above average Movie can be say it as. (more)


Asja Mohamed

Best film ever.... ..................... .................. Super srt (more)


Prakash Kannan

Sema movie chance less screenplay super Str acting gym screenplay arr bgm (more)


Mubeen Muhammed

#AchchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada #AYM - Sure shot Winner #ThalliPogaathe song placement, visuals are topnotch #TharuMaaru HIT for STR .... Sure "Thalli pogaathe" Song it's self storms into the hearts.... Heart breaking and how can I say.... what a type of song and visual and placement is this.... Hw SwSweet.... AWSOME (more)


Imran Rock

The movie is good.STR come to the good movie.First half love and all songs .Second half action sequence and Str qcting is superb.Manjima is good.Overall worth watchable. (more)


Sakthi Abi

Oly For GVM and ARR....... Awesome music and background score....... Excellent screenplay Except climax................. (more)


Yogeswaran Rk

Nice movie with extraordinary music... Very diff movie.... (more)


Zameer Stunning

Feel good, refreshing first half.. intense second half.. Brilliant nd inspiring screenplay,top notch performances from actors,legendary bgm nd songs from Arr,completely wins our hearts! (more)


Shanmuganathan Ganesan

AYM : First half move's with trendy youth scene's n romantic song's with out story.. highly recommended to see d song's visuals n A.R.R mind blowing song's n BGM .. rather than that nothing in it to b serious n second half till climax fr wt purpose this much violence nu n without knowing story all Fan's watching d Film n blinking ... Too much f violence indeed in d second half .. climax fully artificial .. even STR- too .. better acting need .. tried to b powerful role but seems artificial n nt satisfied with his second half n first half ku pakkalam ... Very typical GVM film n highly expected but finally high disappointed .. Rating 2.5/5 Verdict : Watch it for first half n A.R.Rahman breezy musical treat with visual extravaganza .. but very difficult in BO to be HIT. (more)


Ragul Smart

Super film... dont miss it frnds STR is truely back... (more)



Screen play is better while comparing gautham flims..simbu romance scenes is normal....casual acting...normal a exact life ....story is not intelligence..but...the intelligence became on story (more)


Shuayb Ghaffoor

The most positive aspects in the movie are the lead pairs , screenplay & music . Simbu has given one of his best performances of his career , A recent best I would say. Manjima Mohan on the other hand , Wow She looked so cute and being her first Tamil film she had done really well . The romantic scenes portrayed in the film were so so great specially without any type of vulgarity , Kudos to Gautham Menon for that . The songs and BGM . Omg , The songs along with the visuals were splendid and gave the feels , Specially Thalli Pogathey BGM is this years best , AR Rahman shows why he is a musical sensation. Even though there were a few comedy scenes they were good enough to keep us entertained. Overall , A breezy first half & An action packed 2nd half . A film that entertains and gives amazing romantic scenes all backed up by fantastic BGM & Songs (more)


Dhilip Idle

Superb movie once again by GVM. Rahmans masterpiece. Could have been better if the movie was completed on time as the difference in visuals n actors disturbs the tone of the movie. (more)


giri haran

First half nyc.... 2nd half something trying to say but they are complete ctly to understand the people (more)