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Quintessential Hirani all the way

It is rare that a film questions beliefs, especially of a god fearing nation like ours that has million gods smiling on us every single day. It is even rarer that the film does this with a smile on its face, without pontificating and sermonizing. PK does all of this with a flair only Hirani can manage. After Munnabhai, PK is the next buzzword for years to come. All Hail PK!(more)

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PK is a winner all the way

Once he finds his way on to the television screen, the unflappable extra-terrestrial unleashes a storm that sweeps everything and everyone in its way. And that most certainly includes the audience. Anushka Sharma, playing a feisty poetry-loving girl who knows her mind far more than most Hindi film heroines are allowed to, holds her own against Aamir Khan. Aamir revels in the character of the wide-eyed, fearless rebel who dares to challenge the societal and religious structures that encourage bigotry and distrust. Sushant Singh Rajput has only a cameo in PK but in the handful of scenes that he is in - including one in the run-up to the climax that ratchets up emotions and vigorously pulls the heartstrings - he gives a great account of himself. Do watch out for Ranbir Kapoor - a little icing on a cake so appetizing that it will have you clamouring for more. PK is a winner all the way, a film that Raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy and Guru Dutt would have been proud of had they been alive. Rajkumar Hirani is without a doubt their most worthy standard-bearer. (more)

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PK is a triumph and Aamir soars high

In lesser hands this would smell like an empty exercise in audience manipulation, a cheap and easy means to unearned applause. But it's striking how Hirani and Khan layer it on with visible earnestness, giving us something unexpectedly remarkable in the sight of that megastar immersing himself hungrily in our diverse, demanding rituals. The rest of the cast is in fine nick. Anushka Sharma is suitably spirited and full of beans, Boman Irani makes for a fine boss who has felt the ire of a trident before, Sanjay Dutt is wonderfully droll, Sushant Singh Rajput is very likeable indeed and Saurabh Shukla, playing the antagonistic godman, is great at being a pompous god-invoking gasbag. But this is an out-and-out Aamir film, and he soars. PK is no satire -- it's a bit too toothless for that -- but it is a rollicking mainstream entertainer with ambition to evoke some introspection, one with compelling moments and some genuine surprises. Including a humdinger of a last scene.(more)

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An alien lands on earth but loses his remote to go home. Does 'PK' return - and as he navigates the human world, what does he gain and lose?

PK is as much a philosophy as a film. It takes the 'stranded alien' theme, familiar from classics like ET, but tells the tale equally from the lonely alien's eyes - at times, evoking the beautiful story The Little Prince - as from his human narrator's. Starting with the alien's desperation, PK captures the fears and falsehoods humans weave around faith. When PK decides to pray for his remote, he's bewildered about whom to and how to pray. PK features brave scenes - money extracted at temples, coconuts offered in confusion at a church, god-men doling out tortuous advice - and strong lines, including a Muslim girl bravely asserting, "Itna chota nahin ho sakta hamara khuda, ki use hamare school jaane pe aitraaz ho." Capturing faith whipped into hate, PK's sterling message, directed sensitively, stands out.(more)

Source: Srijana Mitra Das, Times Of India


Aamir Khan's PK is a solid entertainer that will surely entertain the masses and classes alike. An outstanding film. Go for it

PK that releases during the Christmas holidays enjoys a three week free run at the box office. Despite the film having its share of ups and downs, it is surely a good entertainer. Being a film that deals with the topic of God and Godmen, audiences are bound to draw a few similarities between PK and the previously released Akshay Kumar-Paresh Rawal starrer OMG OH MY GOD! But while latter dealt with a lay man asking some prominent questions about God and the almighty himself coming down to earth, PK differs with an alien not directly questioning God, but instead questioning the belief system that humans have created to reach God. But with high level of anticipation and a massive release (approximately 5000 screens domestically and 800+ screens overseas), PK is sure to create new box-office records.(more)

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Aamir Khan plays PK to his strengths

Rajkumar Hirani�s gift of telling the stories which are disappearing from mainstream cinema makes him the last man standing in Bollywood. �PK� goes after religious fraudsters that divide and rule, with lines that speak of old-fashioned but crucial connections between �dharm�, �imaan� and �mazhab�. What you need to re-purpose these themes is nuance, which, after a point, goes missing. This is where the Hirani magic recedes, and the film becomes commonplace.(more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express