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Brutally Brilliant

Vetrimaran's exceptional writing talent come to the fore in Visaranai. Many of the subtle dialogues and one-liners help visualize the underlying story behind the characters who appear on screen momentarily. The desensitization of policemen and how they go about conducting their day-to-day business without any remorse is shown convincingly. The sorry plight of innocents on how they are forced to accept uncommitted crimes and pressure faced by police men from higher authorities is shown in a very stark manner. The dialogues are natural and razor sharp.(more)

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Visaranai, a must watch uniquely treated crime thriller that represents true cinema.

The other major highlight of Visaranai is the screenplay, which looks brisk as a bee. Though it is a film that moves you, it is also hard hitting and carries an airtight writing and that is why Visaranai is special. Without any commercial gimmicks the film manages to be a mainstream product that keeps the audience at bay from the word go with some suspenseful moments. The cuts are so seamless that the film travels like water from the rock. (more)

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A Rare gem which you will treasure in your mind for a long time

Vetrimaaran has partly adapted the autobiographical novel Lock up by real life custody victim Chandra Kumar and cleverly interwoven a few recent political deaths and police encounters to give a well crafted film that deserves the highest praise. 'Visaranai' has only two sequences which have similar incidents,but the masterful screen writing has made them both interesting and engaging. (more)

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A masterpiece from Vetrimaaran that showcases only harsh realities and the truth.

The story and content is the hero of Visaranai. It is a very real story sans any dreamy commercial elements. (more)

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In Vetrimaaran's own words, this movie is a depiction of a "harsh reality that we don't want to believe." Go watch it.

he movie isn't preachy or never tries to debate on anyone, but it tries its best to portray that such incidents happen everywhere and affect the naive. There are always two sides to the coin and being a inspiration from a first-hand account story, this movie focuses entirely on the flip side of the 'system'.(more)

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The film is hard-hitting and gritty, that makes it an impactful watch.

Vetrimaaran's screenplay is immaculate. If you thought Aadukalam was the tightest among his screenplays, wait until you check out Visaranai. (more)

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Don't miss this real and raw film by Vetrimaaran

Vetrimaaran clearly says this movie depicts the harsh realities of life and he has made sure that every scene stays with you long after you leave the theatre. (more)

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An uncompromising, hard-hitting and spine-chilling account of abuse of power.

Vetri Maaran forces us to analyse the actions of the characters, question the unfairness of it all and feel angry with the way the system works. His cops are the exact opposite of the cops we find in the films of Gautham Menon � self-preserving individuals who have been hardened by the system and have realised that the only way to survive is to play the system to their advantage.(more)

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Visaranai is Chilling

Director Vetrimaaran deserves credit for having extracted the best from all his actors. They are so remarkable you sense their terror as they stutter and stumble with their broken and bruised bodies. The hard-hitting screenplay is relentless, making no effort to shield you from the harsh realities of the ruthless world we live in today. (more)

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Dark and Disturbing

It takes the Tamil cinema one step further and kindles hope that perhaps someday, different genres of movies will happily coexist here. But how much you relish Visaranai is directly connected to your threshold for dark & disturbing movies. If like me, it�s low, I suggest you sit at home.(more)

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Vetrimaaran shows realism at its harshest best

Yes, this is reality at its harshest best, and Vetrimaaran's work may not be suitable for a popcorn-munching, Coke-sipping audience used to colour and gloss, song and dance. But for a serious viewer of cinema, Visaaranai is a great work whose imagery will provoke him or her to mull over all that is seriously wrong with our country.(more)

Source: Gautham Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times