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Gowtham Viswanath

Visaranai explored the dark with the light of Emotions. Totally paralleled to reality held no place for any commercial mite, Visaranai thrilled with harsh and impactful truths and injustices done by social structures that can't be blamed completely. The Director and the Writer delivered an amazing Product that spoke on the victims' behalf everywhere. The Performances were perfectly live and astounding turning the portrayal into more of a reality. 4 stars for the unyielding Direction and jaw-dropping Act igniting a fuelling Screenplay. Waiting for the Uncut Version... (more)


Arun Sundar

The making style was nice and bgm was good. All actors especially Dinesh did a good job. Vetrimaran did a good job in screenplay compared to earlier movies. (more)


Shanmuganathan Ganesan

After Long Time one fine n politics in dep n bold attempt movie released in Tamil Cinema with out any pressure in releasing time. It is not usual story like entertainment film. It is an unrevealed truth before some year's back happened n Dir.Vettrimaran made it has documentary type film with out any cinema essential content. But anyways very good n hard wrk seen in each scenes n done a good wrk. All the actor's in d film gvn their best wrk till date. Music by G.V.P in okish style .. Minus is slow pace screenplay and .. Even though making as true story Dir.Vettrimaran might include his thoughts too in this film bt he didn't done it.. He done his part by focused with Novel "Lock Up" to reveal in silver screen with out any minor changes so that it turned as Documentary type film.. Highlight: Some department ppl can do anything to save themselves n for their earnings .. Undigested Truth Broken By Novel Writter and Dir.Vettrimaran.. Verdict: An Bold Attempt Film In Tamil Cinema with out any conviction for cinema style .. Well done for unrevealed d truth in Silver Screen .. One Time Watchable.. Rating: 3/5 (more)


Vetrichelvan Gnanamani

Awesome Movie, vetrimaaran done a superb job.....everyone must see this film, how police are treating the words to tell (more)


Sivaruban Thayalarajah

A perfect seat edge thriller with extra Ordinary performances. (more)


Thiyaga Rajan

Good Film Congrats to Team Dinesh keep it up for ur story selection (more)