Om Shanthi Om (U)
30/Oct/2015 Love, Drama 144 mins

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Om Shanthi Om
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Emotional drama.

Given that Masssu Engira Masilamani released a few months before it, the big reveal of Om Shanthi Om � that Vasu is actually helping ghosts � doesn't really come as a surprise to us. And that takes away the suspense that Suryaprabaakar seems to have counted on to keep us engaged in the first half. (more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


Easy to dislike, hard to dismiss

The film�s biggest problems are the silly back stories, written for these five ghosts, and the episodic manner in which they play out on screen. One of these ghosts is a boy whose last wish is to just eat two kilos of ice cream! There�s another ghost who wants his daughter to join a medical college....(more)

Source: Vishal Menon, The Hindu


Fails to Impress

If the intention behind making a film like 'Om Shanthi Om' was to present a horror-comedy or an engaging commercial thriller or a touching emotional flick or the combination of all these, none of them have been achieved well. (more)

Source: Editorial Board,

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