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Ajay Devgn stars in an action thriller without thrills

Baadshaho is an Emergency-set drama for Luthria seems least interested in looking at the troubled state of civil liberties in the era. Instead, you will see a Life magazine cover featuring Gitanjali and bell-bottoms and sleeves to remind you this is the 1970s. As the chase begins, the film loses momentum. The plot twist can be called from afar, rendering the whole journey and the final destination entirely meaningless. The nonstop action is a distraction for a lack of narrative. Luthria's great truck robbery is a thriller without thrills.(more)

Source: Suhani singh, India Today


Poor Script Overshadows Performances And Direction

Ajay Devgn who wins extra brownie points here. Besides his usual screen presence, it�s also his one liners (only a few of them), which forms the highlight of the film. Ajay Devgn is one of the major reasons to watch the film. He is followed a close second by Emraan Hashmi, who looks his part to a �t�. He looks �con-vincing� in his role of a thief who places friendship above wealth.(more)

Source: Satish Sundaresan , Koimoi


jay Devgn's Thriller Devoid Of Highs Despite A Passable Emraan Hashmi

Baadshaho does have a couple of passable performances - one from Sanjay Mishra, whose comic timing as the alcoholic and wisecracking Tikla is phenomenal; the other comes from Hashmi as a loveable, fatalistic rogue. Kohl-lined eyes, a tattoo of a gun on one arm and witticisms such as "I am a camel, leave me where you want, I will find my way back home" define the character he plays. He pulls it off to the extent the script allows him to.(more)

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his Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi film is old wine, in a not very new bottle

he twists coming a mile off. But that�s also part of the masala-movie experience, this knowing what�s going to come up next. The surprise comes from how the audience reacts to Sanjay Mishra, who plays a wizened safe-cracker: he has some of the best lines in the film, and gets the maximum applause, even more than Devgn who gets the mandatory hoots-and-whistles at the �hero�s entry�, as well as Hashmi, who is back in his familiar shirt-chasing loutish avatar.(more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta , Indian Express


This Ajay, Emraan starrer is full of glib one-liners, needless bravado

The screenplay of Baadshaho is unduly non-linear and includes indulgent scenes like one of police torture. Baadshaho's finale unfolds in a sandstorm and is the one scene that is visually arresting, though the story loses itself somewhere within the vortex.(more)

Source: Udita Jhunjhunwala,


Daft, dull, drivel

movie so utterly daft and dull, its actors can barely conceal their disinterest in executing a non-profit heist in dry, dusty deserts of Rajasthan. Too often a spaced-out, sleepwalking Ajay Devgn is stirred from staring away into oblivion to fake interest in its foolish schemes.(more)

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Movie Review

Ajay burns the screen with his intensity; Ilena plays the Maharani with hidden facets effectively. Emraan's takeaway is his shimmy with Sunny Leone and Vidyut's got the moves. (more)

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Movie Review

Milan Luthria's direction is simple and he manages to keep the proceedings free of complications. He understands that this is a massy flick and should have a pan-India appeal. In that regard, he scores. But just like the script, the direction too falters towards the end.(more)

Source: Bollywood Hungama News Network, Bollywood Hungama