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Kanchana 2 - Laughter saves the day

The entire first half of Kanchana 2 has the crowd at their vociferous best. The plot does toe a similar template to the earlier two films but the laughs are consistent. Yes the comedy is loud as well as crude at times. But it works and that is what matters in a film like this.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Gives you goosebumps

First things first - before you realise, two hours of the movie simply whiz past. The screenplay is so taut that you hardly realise time ticking. Quite a heavy story, told amidst crackers of comedy, this movie is a sure win.(more)

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Ordinary Second Half Prevents It From Being Extraordinary!

Raghava Lawrence, has come a long way as a director and sure knows how to fabricate an interesting screenplay. However, the second half is tiring in parts and the flashback sequences are over-dramatized. Climax looks a tad blunt and incomplete.(more)

Source: Avinash Gopinath, One India


Chills, comedy and entertainment guaranteed.

Lawrence has mastered the genre, so well that he knows how to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. His creative imagination has made this film different from the usual horror comedy films. Editor Kishore has to be credited for his cuts, which enhanced the overall film's pace(more)

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Horror comedy riot

Raghavendra Lawrence choreographer, actor and director has always played to the galleries. His films have the same template, targeted at the mass audiences and are packaged to give them maximum entertainment.(more)

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Movie Review

Muni films are like the Fast & Furious franchise, initially dismissed as something appealing only to a particular group of people but starting to gain increased acceptance among the paying audiences and even critics. Yes, they are silly, over-the-top, over-long and loud (both literally and filmmaking-wise) but there is also some fun in the whole enterprise, which manages to pack in the masala movie must-haves � comedy, action, thrills and sentiment � quite satisfactorily.(more)

Source: M. Suganth, Times Of India


Some laughs in a dated horror template

Kanchana-2, despite being promoted as a sequel, has nothing to do with Muni 2: Kanchana. It's another episode in Raghava�'s (Raghava Lawrence) life.(more)

Source: Sudhir Srinivasan, The Hindu


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