Vikramadithyan (U)
25/Jul/2014 Family, Drama

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Entertainment & inspiration goes hand-in-hand

A simple, relatable and inspirational script by Iqbal Kuttipuram makes this a must-watch film.(more)

Source: Teena Elizabeth,


Convert average in to watchable entertainer

Vikramadithyan* � will emerge a winner mainly due to the expertise of its seasoned director who could convert an average e screenplay with loopholes, into a watchable entertainer. Good songs, fine visuals, neat performances, few twists and an ordinary storylines, this could satisfy you.(more)

Source: Editorial board,


Well Crafted Entertainer from Lal Josev

"Vikramadithyan" is perfectly balanced when it comes to action and dance sequences. It has action sequences, which are rightly placed and well choreographed. The action and dance sequences are easily mingled with the narrative and are not included for the mere visual pleasures.(more)

Source: Nicy V.P,