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Mariyam Mukku
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Confused and disappointing

The director doesn�t quite know whether to make the story humorous or not.It is the same with the characters; one moment they are intense and purposeful, the next they do something funny, or vice versa. Mariyam Mukku is confused and disappointing.(more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha , Rediff.com


Untapped skills of pure romance, fights and even comedy

With a poorly written script that never manages to engage the viewer, the film barely has something new to offer the viewers in terms of any surprises or fantastic moments. The dramatic twists are eminently predictable and the best you can do is to spot the inspirations for the sequences.Watch this ...(more)

Source: Editorial board, Sify.com


The movie ends up as a passable fare, which may be more appealing to the family viewers

Mariyam Mukku is a one time watch for its scale of life portrayed and storylines. It could have been better and may have earned more in the Box Office, had it been more deftly handled in the later half. Anyhow , as of now , the movie will not be a complete downer for its debutante director James Al...(more)

Source: Editorial board, IndiaGlitz.com


Confused Script, Predictable Romance and Poorly Etched Characters

Most of the critics have opined that the movie makes an impressive beginning but fails to keep the momentum, but they have appreciated the performance of the actors and the cinematography.It could have been better if the script was bit more encoura(more)

Source: Nicy V.P, IBtimes.com


Lacking in deirection

The characters here lack depth and the actors portraying them look lost and without purpose. And this, with a cast of stellar actors is quite unpardonable. Things do pick up in the second-half of the movie, but missing all throughout is a director�s deft touch.(more)

Source: SHARIKA C, The Hindu