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Arun Sundar

Wonderful, good and soulful film. Enjoyed from start to finish. Nice context and background for each and every character in the film. (more)


Aadhi Kalidas

What a lovely movie. Hats of Anjali Menon. This new genration are rocking. Nazriya, Dulquer polichu (more)


Shanmuga Bharathi N K [Moviecrow is not letting me post without a five star rating.. my actual star rating is 2/5] Akshay Khanna x Saif = Dulquer Salman x Nivin Pauly -- this one is wonderful awesomatic aromale mixture I say! Take the free spirit of Akshay Khanna mix it with Saif's extroversion, add some mallu spice - you get Dulquer! Both Akshay and Dulquer fall in love with 'not-so-usual' heroines of Indian cinema. Take the hopeless romantic in Saif and mix it introversion of Akshay, add some mallu spice and coconut oil on the head - you get Nivin Pauly! Both Navin and Saif were once betrayed and in love later. Both fall for a foreign girl! (more)