Kerala Cafe (U)
29/Oct/2009 Comedy, Family

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Kerala Cafe
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Done a nice job

The performances too help the film immensely with some sincere acting from the veterans in the business and some of the young faces, like the pretty Nithya Menon, Fahadh Faasil and Rima Kallingal. Watch out for some spectacular moments with Salim Kumar and Shanthadevi in Bridge, Jagathy Sreekumar in...(more)

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It's brilliant,Mollywood

showcasing how to use intelligently the great gifts of Mollywood cinema. Almost half of the stories deal with the losses and nature of losses and their effects on humans.Altogether this kaleidoscope of great images, issues and emotions are a must watch in terms of freshness of concept and innovation...(more)

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Worthwhile experiemnt

Story that uses full on humour to convey the sufferings of people around the world due to economic recession.This simple story shows the love of a small boy for a kitten that he has found on the road, and the struggle of a slum dweller who finds it difficult to take care of his mother.Kerala Cafe pr...(more)

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Presenting concept newly different

Kerala Cafe is definitely an experiment worth the effort of all the directors who have came together to create this concept. Though the movie theme is YATRA, the journey is only incidental in many of the stories and each of them is unrelated to the other. Ranjith has succeeded in bringing an interes...(more)

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