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Love 24x7
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Love 24x7 is impressive

The backdrop of this story is a television news channel, and the director presents the inner workings of a newsroom in a lighthearted way. She weaves a love story into the narrative as seamlessly as possible.Love 24x7 is quite a promising debut by Sreebala K Menon. (more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha., Rediff.com


A Realistic Entertainer

Love 24x7 is written and directed by Sreebala K Menon. The director, who is also a well-known writer, proves that she is here to stay. The movie is the perfect blend of the realistic narrative style and essential entertainment elements. l(more)

Source: Akhila Menon, One India


Love in the time of corporate culture

Love 24x7 remains a one-time watch for all those who believe that a film doesn't have to be an entertaining machinery all the time. Sreebala, an award winning short story writer, can be proud of presenting a slice of life with all its sincerity, though she should learn more about the medium of cellu...(more)

Source: Ragesh G , manoramaonline


'Love 24x7' is not the usual run of the mill movie which is designed to entertain. Watching it with such an intent can be disappointing

Labeling it as a Dileep movie will dampen the expectation. Instead watch the movie for its realistic depiction and ponder over some of the questions that the movie poses and this could turn out to be a good viewing experience.(more)

Source: Editorial Board, IndiaGlitz.com


Love 24x7 , over all, is a reasonable watch on a rainy evening.

The director has succeeded in portraying the behind-the-scene action in television newsrooms fairly well.There are some sprinklings of genuine humour here and there, but not enough. Samir Haq's cinematography and Vineesh Banglan's art are big pluses.(more)

Source: Ajith Kumar, The Hindu