Salt N' Pepper (U)
08/Jul/2011 Love, Drama 1 Hr 58 Mins

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Salt N' Pepper
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Good sprinkling

The younger actors Asif and Mythili play relatively simpler characters. Asif's exuberance is heart-warming and Mythili redeems herself after her previous dud Kana Kompathu, and gives a good performance.The surprise package is Baburaj as the roly-poly cook who provides the required humourous touch an...(more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha ,



'Salt N Pepper' is a pure and tasty film that should instantaneously strike a chord with the youth mainly. A metro-centric film, 'Salt N Pepper' should attract its target audience, as its distributors have very rightly released the film at select centres of metros and mini-metros, instead of floodin...(more)

Source: Editorial board,