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Pleasantly surprising and bumpy ride with the zombies

Mainstream Tamil cinema is probably at the most exciting phase where you really cannot rule out any genre with the excuse that it would not work here. More good news is that saleable stars too seem to be game for it. Jayam Ravi who has hit a purple patch in his career has hit the screens this week accompanied by a horde ofzombies. (more)

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Roars a lot and little else

This zombie flick infects you with boredom for most parts, but makes amends in the last half hour thanks to Jayam Ravi�s riveting performance in that portion.(more)

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Make Way For Zombies!

It's refreshing to see our own version of a good zombie movie. Thanks to Shakti Soundar Rajan, more such exciting films will be made in Tamil cinema in the near future. (more)

Source: Avinash Gopinath, One India


A new attempt in Tamil cinema that has its share of thrills

There are different sub-genres in the zombie films and in Miruthan we find the horror variety that gives the thrills and the chills. There are places where you are sure to be terrorized with these affected people pouncing on the screen and if you are faint hearted, you need to be prepared. In this attempt of Shakthi to bring in something new to Tamil cinema, we should definitely laud the technicians who have worked to create the authentic zombie feel. Good job done! The visual effects are appropriately done, without being tacky in most places. (more)

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The killing fields of zombie land

Miruthan offers ample opportunities for our policeman to indulge in heroics -- shooting zombies dead as if he were Bond with a licence to kill. And Karthick never seems to run out of bullets with hundreds of them flying out of his pistol and rifle. Replete with a dhoti-clad politician (who fancies that he has enough clout to even command zombies), a sidekick to the hero and a selfish fiance, Miruthan, like many Tamil movies, tries to pack too many sub-plots, cluttering the main narrative(more)

Source: Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times