Talvar (U/A)
02/Oct/2015 Crime, Drama

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Critics Review


A brilliant screenplay makes it one of the top movies of the year

The research and the way things have been detailed are fantastic to watch. The gripping background score and the superb editing also added to make this film even more engaging. Irrfan Khan once again proves why people call him a veteran and maintains the tag of the most respectable actors through a ...(more)

Source: Divay Agarwal, MovieCrow


A sharp narrative makes it taut, gripping thriller

Talvar is a pro-Talwar film. There is a very subtle undertone to the narrative that paints Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, parents of Aarushi who have been convicted in the double murder case, as victims of insensitive investigators and the judicial system in our country.(more)

Source: Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times


Riveting and extremely disturbing

Talvar is a very well made film -- despite its length and some brief scenes that could have been edited out. But it is also a very uncomfortable film to watch, and that is what makes it so good. A good film should be able to get into our skin, challenge us, shake us up and Talvar does all of that. (more)

Source: Aseem Chhabra, Rediff.com


An absolute must watch with a haunting finale

The narrative is simple yet effective and striking. That�s Meghna�s greatest triumph because a case so twisted and complex couldn�t have been told any better in two hours. Meghna takes the viewer from the murder scene to the investigation process to the media circus to the courtroom � never letting ...(more)

Source: Sarita A Tanwar, DNA


Despite its flaws, the Irrfan-Konkona starrer is a brave film that devastates

'Talvar' maintains the gritty tightrope with a virtuoso act by Irrfan Khan as CDI (standing in for CBI) officer Ashwin Kumar, who comes into the �case� with some amount of reluctance and healthy skepticism. His second-in-command is Sohum Shah, again very believable in the way he switches to the side...(more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express


TALVAR is an engaging, edgy thriller with no dull moments. A must watch.

The film's director Meghna Gulzar, who, has to her credit of having directed films like FILHAAL, JUST MARRIED and DUS KAHANIYAAN tries her hand in the hard-hitting genre with TALVAR. She does full justice to the film as a director. TALVAR is such a film in which the script is the undisputed hero. An...(more)

Source: Taran Adharsh, Bollywood Hungama


This Irrfan Khan and Konkana Sen Sharma thriller is dreadfully ENGAGING!

The film gives you a feeling that Gulzar has researched the case really well. Never ever will you feel there is a snag. The best part about the film is it doesn�t waste time in establishing a happy family before to show the loss. It gets straight to the point and starts from the morning Shruti�s bod...(more)

Source: moumita bhattacharjee, Bollywood Life

User Reviews


Sugavanaesh Sadagopan

I am not typing these words for review. Pls don't review this movie. I consider this is not a movie it's a emotion. By the end I get a stony heart....( I didn't sleep for 1 week ) (more)


Gowtham Viswanath

Talvar became a success with the backup of Rashomon Effect. The strongest of the movie had been the Screenwriting, brought the real facts woven together very justly with the Direction achieving the satisfaction. Justifying Roles by the Cast gives the feel of right mix. The point of Justice and Truth... (more)

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