Thaarai Thappattai (A)
14/Jan/2016 Love, Drama 128 Mins

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Critics: 4 Panel: 10 User: 67

Overall: 2.8 from 81 users

Thaarai Thappattai
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Critics Review


Bala's Gruesome Melodrama

Bala's forte is unusual characterization as he dwells into the minds of these characters and portrays on the screen how they will behave in forced situations. It is not clear in Tharai Thappattai on which character Bala wants to mount the narration and flow of the story. The first half does a good j...(more)

Source: Moviecrow, MovieCrow


Watch it for Sasikumar and Varalakshmi in the first half and the weak hearted better walk away at the interval.

While the first half promises so much the second half is a total let down as the screenplay goes wayward and the long-drawn climax is unbearable not only because of the blood and gore but because of the unimaginative execution which is just a copy of all other Bala climaxes. (more)

Source: Editorial Board,


Exquisite music, exceedingly brutal treatment, strong filmmaking and a weak story - That's Thaarai Thappattai

All that said, while Bala must be appraised for extracting the best out of his team, the treatment of the movie and the story by itself stands as weaklings. While the story seem to be a rehash, the treatment of the tale is excessively violent and gory. (more)

Source: Behindwoods Team,


Thaarai Thappattai is brutally honest

Director Bala has once again scripted an intense tale of human pain and suffering that is infused with his trademark humour, great music and excellent performances. Thaarai Thappattai has all the elements that you expect from the brilliant director and while it may not appeal to all, it is definite...(more)

Source: S Saraswathi.,

User Reviews


Akash Muthu

Movie was so real. semma acting by varalakshmi. awesome music by raja sir. keep rocking bala sir (more)


Gowtham Viswanath

Thaarai Thappattai, for the gruesome and grimly conduct, could be awed. Concerning It with the Direction and Screenplay must one get simply appalled because of the Director's concentration had been only on the gore and disgust. No caution towards Script turned a grave disappointment while recollecti... (more)


Bubblo Sheikh

I'm happy to see bala again in screen,great effort,varavaralakshmi was done an extraordinary performance and once sasi proved his casual performance in an authentic way,king is always king music was mind blowing camera played a master role father of sasi was simply wow,wn ullam koil song was massive... (more)

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Idarinum” Ilayaraja Sharreth Listen
2 “Aattakkari Maman Ponnu” Ilayaraja M.M.Manasi, Prasanna Listen
3 “Paruruvaaya” Thiruvasagam Sathya Prakash, Surmukhi Listen
4 “Vathana Vathana” Mohanraj Kavitha Gopi, Priyadarshini Listen
5 “Hero Intro Theme” Ilayaraja Listen
6 “Thaarai Thappattai Theme” Ilayaraja Listen
7 “Jukebox - All Songs” Listen