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This courageous tale of Neerja Bhanot�s life is a must watch!

This film is an out and out a director�s film. With his honesty, creative skills, very real treatment and the ability to take out the best from his actors, Ram Madhvani brings to you the incredible story that deserved to be told to Indian public, especially the younger generation. He not only tells the story convincingly but also inspires his audience to be motivated to stand up for what�s right. And all this he does without being too melodramatic and keeping things real and simple. (more)

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Do watch! The film has been crafted with a lot of honesty.

Ram Madhvani relies less on drama while handling this story and that is good. Shabana Azmi and Yogendra Tikku�s performance as the parents is top notch.(more)

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Courage is not A virtue, but The virtue

Saiwyn Quadras' smart and gripping screenplay is the backbone of NEERJA. The narrative goes back and forth in a very interesting manner. Ram Madhvani brings amazing perspective to the real life story by giving various points of view. When Neerja tells the head of the terrorist group that she's just doing her duty the way they are doing theirs, it drives home a point. The terrorists are shown to be edgy and nervous. (more)

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It is a powerful story that tugs gently and delicately at the heartstrings.

The three main actors in the cast � Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi and Yogendra Tiku � are on top of their game. Sonam is of course the lynchpin. Even when pushed well out of her comfort zone, she is completely convincing and real as the bubbly youngster with nerves of steel. Shabana Azmi informs her role with subtle nuances that add startling layers to the characterization. Yogendra Tiku, a competent actor who rarely gets the play he deserves in Hindi cinema, conveys the welled-up emotions of a father egging her daughter on to be in control of her own life. If it is going to be just one Hindi film this week, make sure it is Neerja. It is a powerful story that tugs gently and delicately at the heartstrings. It does not go overboard on attacking the lachrymal glands. But when it does, it is bang on(more)

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A career-best portrayal by Sonam Kapoor captures a true hero's grit!

It�s really a surprise that a film on Neerja Bhanot�s life took such a long time to be made � there couldn�t be a more heroic story than this. And the greatest part about the film is that director Ram Madhvani stays absolutely true to his subject without diluting any of the impact. Neerja is quite easily the finest film in recent times (on par with Talvar) based on a true story. From the first scene of the movie, Madhvani sets the mood for the entire film and not once does he lose his grip. (more)



Best tribute to India�s daughter by director Ram Madhvani

Ram Madhvani�s detailed research on this topic is commendable and he brings out all the sides of her life but keeps himself detached from it. Even the scenes inside the plane don�t seem to be just from a single perspective. Ram has managed to bring out all perspectives to ensure the most accurate portrayal of the brave girl is brought out in front of the audience(more)

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Neerja is an absolute must-watch

am Madhvani's film captures Neerja's effervescence and her professionalism, getting us invested in the character long before we see her take wing and be astonishing, inspirational and incredible in the face of fear.(more)

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As gripping as it is poignant!

Director Ram Madhvani and writer Saiwyn Quadras tell us the story flitting between time-lines. It�s masterful how the central character�s present situation (the hijack) takes her back to the days of her abusive marriage. These intercuts show us a unique insight into the probable workings of her mind at the time. Read more at:

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Sonam Kapoor will be remembered for this film

Neerja shows Madhvani�s meticulous planning as a director, even though it tilts in favour of some melodrama. The film arrives straight to the point and starts building a tension that remains with the audience till the end. Parallel narratives between Mumbai and Karachi bring out the conflict that ensues, and you subconsciously begin rooting for Neerja.(more)

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