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masala flick which shines purely due to the humor and the greatness of the comedians.

masala flick which shines purely due to the humor and the greatness of the comedians. They are so good in their role and their timing, that the rest of the plot doesn't matter for those few minutes. However, when Varma does bring us back to the actual story, the only thought with which one leaves fr...(more)

Source: Chandramouli, MovieCrow


Neither engaging nor amusing

Brahmanandam is also brought in but by then, one is too disinterested to care. The mirror scene between Brahmi and Ashutosh Rana makes one think why the latter, capable of hard-hitting and menacing performances, is making a mockery of himself. Krishnashtami tries to position itself as a family en...(more)



Routine Family Drama

Generally, audience are very used to Sunil�s comedy and crazy feats on screen. But sadly, that is missing big time with his role in Krishnashtami. Interesting interval bang and some comedy scenes here and there are basic assets of this film. Watch it only if you have nothing else to do as this film ...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team, 123telugu.com


Commercial Pot'boil'er

On the whole, Krishnashtami is just another commercial entertainer and has nothing much to offer, except for Sunil's impeccable comedy timing and dances.(more)

Source: Pravallika Anjuri , One India


Krishnastami � Stay away from this boring festival

Hardly a couple of weeks ago, wall posters of this film started showing up on nooks and corners of the city. While the posters and trailers failed to generate any interest among many, the film will further disinterest those few who were enticed to the theatres. The story wise there is nothing new, t...(more)

Source: Common Man, Apherald.com