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In The Safe Zone

Nothing novel or ground breaking which every film need not do. Vetrivel gets its basics right and has Sasikumar back in his safe zone and the film is bound to work with its target audience.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Vetrivel doesn�t rob the audience of a good story. It has sweet sensibilities, sour rivalry and palatable drama along with raw comedy on offer

The movie�s only threat will be the mentality of some audience to whom emotional rides are actually a bad roller coaster dive. Comedy by Thambi Ramaiah is as it should be and probably that�s why it might make one feel more could have been done on that front. Though the movie does well to package a drama with a well plotted screenplay, neatly polished with newness, probably the main enemy for Vetrivel is that the average theatre goer these days wants his day out at theatre to be a bash.(more)

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Vetrivel is a neat family drama sure to entertain the needs of all types of audience with its clean content and engaging screenplay.

The movie has a lot of good things to take back. Even though it�s essayed on lines of �Nadodigal�, Vetrivel has its moments. Sasikumar stands out with his performance, shows why the B & C sections simply adore him. The engaging screenplay in the first half takes a good chunk of credits aided by some good performances from the cast, the first half is a clear winner. It�s the second half�s predictability, length and poorly framed villain segments that doesn�t go down well. Vasantha Mani�s vision of a good rural movie is aided by Kathir�s good work behind the lens who captures the long shots and village essence neat and clean.(more)

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Knotty plot and jerky script ruin this Sasikumar film

Though, Vetrivel raises pertinent questions about caste prejudices and how they mar young lives and their romantic dreams, the film is too messily convoluted with stupid songs and needlessly choreographed violence which hamper the narrative, making it jerky and cumbersome to follow. Pray, why must the plot and the script be so complicated that the very pleasure of watching a movie is lost. Rather it becomes a strain.(more)

Source: Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times


Vetrivel is an engaging family entertainer

Sasikumar offers nothing new in Vetrivel, but his sincerity and earnestness keeps the momentum going. He certainly succeeds in entertaining the audience. Technically, the film is not very impressive: D Imman's music and SR Kathir's cinematography is unremarkable. The long drawn out climax also tests your patience. But some good performances, a well-written screenplay without excessive melodrama and some great comedy make debutant director Vasanthamani�s Vetrivel a decent watch.(more)

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