Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta (U/A)
29/Nov/2019 Action, Drama 2hrs 36mins

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta

Critics Review


A late entry not gone wrong for Dhanush and GVM fans!

GVM executes his visual storytelling in an enjoyable fashion for a majority of the film. Though we have seen many heroes like Raghu before in GVM films, Dhanush brings in his style and keeps us interested with his top form. Some of the mention worthy scenes include the canteen sequence, the pre-interval portion and some of the action cut backs that GVM has opted for, in order to make the screenplay interesting.(more)

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Noki Paayum Thota hits the target with an engaging action-romance drama with good performances and music.

The film could have been a bit shorter, which could have engaged us even more, but nevertheless ENPT deserves a watch. (more)

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A competently shot but less than compelling film

The action portions are fairly routine, and like in AYM, here, too, the director stretches the limits of plausibility. We get a superbly shot fight inside a lift, but otherwise, these scenes lack tension. Add to this a miscast Sasikumar and generic villains, and the result is underwhelming. In the end what we are left with is a competently shot but less than compelling film.(more)

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Dhanush is excellent in overstretched action drama

Enai Noki Paayum Thota marks Gautham Menon's big-screen comeback after four years. Backed by brilliant performances, the film is a decent watch minus the crazy coincidences.(more)

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A film for the 'romantic at heart'

ENPT is no stroke of genius from Gautham Menon. But the way he makes the film punch way above its weight, is a mark of one.(more)

Source: Pradeep Kumar, The Hindu


Dhanush's film is a lousy action-drama with bland writing

So long the Dhanush starrer follows the romantic track, it is watchable. Trouble begins when it turns into an action drama.(more)

Source: Karthik Kumar, Hindustan Times


A Gautham Vasudev Menon Film Flavoured In His Trademark Style!

Ennai Noki Paayum Thota may not rank among the best works of the director, but still, it has everything in to please Gautham Menon fans to an extent and the filmmaker makes it a refreshing watch with his trademark narrative style, even though it gets repetitive at parts.(more)

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Tiring and Unsatisfying

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta is a mish-mash of Gautham's earlier films and is a slow and rickety ride that tires you out by the time it reaches its climax. If you do decide to watch it, go armed with patience. Lots of it.(more)

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Dhanush-GVM deliver an underwhelming romantic actioner

Enai Noki Paayum Thota's biggest strength is Darbuka Siva's background score and songs. "Maruvarthai" works like a visual poetry with the superb Sid Sriram behind Dhanush's voice.(more)

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Dhanush fires, in this predictable GVM entertainer

Though completely reminiscent of Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada, Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta survives and works despite predictability, thanks to Dhanush, the rich technical aspects and few enjoyable GVM brand romance sequences and terrific action episodes. (more)

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Dhanush-starrer is Gautham Menons weakest film yet

Ene Noki Paayum Thota is way off the target and should have been shorter. The Gautham Menon magic is clearly missing.(more)

Source: Sreedhar Pillai, Firstpost.com


Gautham Menon And Dhanush Give Us A Fine Romance That Slides Into A Generic Action-Thriller

Perhaps for the first time, the voice-overs feel not just like inner thoughts, but also contain fragments of information that make us anticipate things.(more)

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The director in Gautham Menon still has the fire, but he should seriously consider investing more in the writing space.

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta is a bland attempt at mixing a love story and an action drama. It almost felt like Gautham Menon is rehashing his own movies in a different way, making no efforts to reinvent his own craft.(more)

Source: ASWIN BHARADWAJ S, Lenmenreviews


Gautham Menon Makes Interesting Creative Choices In What Feels Like Two Films In One

Instead, ENPT feels like a convenient replay of all the things Menon is good at. The result as a whole is good enough to warrant our attention. Though I doubt it will make it to any list on the best of this decade.(more)

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A long shot, yet it hits the mark

The best part of ENPT is the music by Darbuka Siva, whose songs are already chartbusters. Even the BGM is top-notch. The film is a bit too long and some trimming would have helped. All said and done, ENPT is watchable once!(more)

Source: Anupama Subramanian , Deccan Chronicle