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A prick on our collective conscience

Partly satire and partly an emotional drama the best thing about Joker is that it does not miss out on narrating a story on screen amidst its main purpose to question the collective conscience of our society. The intention is very obvious but hardly a scene or two is in your face.(more)

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A Good Political Satire With A Dash Of Humour!

Dialogues penned by Raju Murugan are razor-sharp and makes you ponder over the system that we have set up for ourselves to live in. (more)

Source: Avinash Gopinath, One India


A bold and hard hitting political satire that might not have compromised entertainment but stands high on cast, music and writing

Director Raju Murugan has a great vision and one has to appreciate him for coming up with such a film. The dialogues are also bold and straight-forward, which conveys the intended notions at the right proportion.(more)

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Joker review - A delicious little treat

Joker is a must watch for ardent cinema lovers. Give it a chance, you'll be pleasantly surprised. (more)

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The real king

A very relevant film that revolutionizes the thinking and makes one want to respect those real heroes who fight for the people sacrificing everything but look like Jokers to the public. (more)

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