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Knockout conceit

The film moves at a rapid pace throughout. Technically it is good and this is a crucial aspect given the kind of film Maayavan is and helps us in buying into what is being narrated on screen. The casting and the performance of the actors are a mixed bag. All the tension is in the writing but the actors themselves never reflect the enormity of the situation at hand. (more)

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The storytelling here is solid that we are engaged throughout.

One of the best things about Maayavan is how it manages to keep us guessing until it reveals the killer and his modus operandi. Right from the beginning, we sense something creepy happening, and Ghibran's moody score only adds to the eeriness. And the film manages to clearly explain the high-concept involved. (more)

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Sci-fi crime thriller

While the writing is good in parts, the content might be complex for a majority of audiences, who prefer watching films only for regular entertainment. Unlike CV Kumar�s previous films, Maayavan looks grand, especially the production values including the multiple lab sets. 2017 seems to a dream year for Ghibran, the composer has given an impressive background score for the film. Gopi Amarnath�s stellar visuals and the racy cuts of Leo John Paul are additional attractions. (more)

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Sundeep Kishan, Daniel Balaji shine in CV Kumar's riveting thriller

Though the film is 2 hours and 7 minutes, the first half moves at a slow pace, and picks up only towards the end. The love angle between the cop and psychiatrist has not been well written. The writing is not cohesive as the director wanted to keep the audiences guessing, which beyond a point becomes irritating. (more)

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Maayavan is a watchable sci-fi thriller, but could have been even better with an engaging screenplay.

CV Kumar being the producer himself has marshalled his resources well whilst handling the budget. The core storyline is intriguing, and that serves as its USP. Maayavan could have been a solid investigative thriller had it been a little more focused. It has too much to tell, but the way it is put forth reduces the overall intensity. (more)

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A Novel Attempt

The first half not only moves at a decent pace but also keeps the audience engrossed as the mystery heightens up. Unlike most films the science is explained in simple terms which helps in the audiences relating to the unbelievable idea. The immortality concept scientifically explored in the film is actually a reality with global conglomerates like Google, Oracle and others making headway in their researches as shown in the after credits which lends credibility to the film. The climax twist in the very end is rather intriguing. (more)

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