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Anil Kapoor Steals The Show In Bazmee's No Brainer

Mubarakan Movie Review: Anil Kapoor Steals The Show In Bazmee's No Brainer PUBLISHED DATE: 29/JUL/2017 Mubarakan Movie Review: Anil Kapoor steals the show in Bazmee's No Brainer Mubarakan Movie Review: Anil Kapoor steals the show in Bazmee's No Brainer Divay Agarwal Aneez Bazmee is known for his out and out family comedies like Welcome and Singh Is King which hold a high repeat value for the audience. This time around he brings a comedy of errors of a big fat Punjabi family called �Mubarakan�. The mad confusion does give a few laughs but only if you leave your brains at home. Two twins Karan and Charan (Arjun Kapoor) get separated in their childhood when their uncle Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) sends one of them to his sister (Ratna Pathak Shah) in London and another one to his brother (Pawan Malhotra) in Chandigarh due to their parent�s death in a car accident. They reunite when their guardians decide to get them married. However, they already have girlfriends. Unable to communicate the same to their guardians, they seek help from their uncle Kartar Singh but he worsens the situation for them and a huge chaos of confusion follows. The director tries to approach the no-brainer by through an effective storytelling but it is the characters and few hilarious lines which makes the film work on some level. It has its ups and downs but still is far from the entertainer Welcome or Singh is King was. The jokes are a bit clich� and evokes a feeling of patriarchy and racism.(more)

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Anil and Arjun Kapoor�s laughathon is rib-tickling entertainment at its best

Mubarakan proves that Arjun has a natural affinity towards comedy and he succeeds in pulling off some really tough gags and scenes with ease. Anil Kapoor gets the best lines and punches in the film that does full justice to his potential. Anil also seems to be having the most fun and looks at ease in most of the scenes. Be it is quirky British accent or his approach to explaining out a situation using props like vegetables and ketchup bottles, he manages to keep your funny bone tickled in every scene(more)

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A Mood-Lifting Family Entertainer

This is a perfect family entertainer and good for watching with your family on a get together or festive occasions. Himman Dhamija deserves mention for good cinematography. The film has been shot in picturesque locates in London and Chandigarh. There are several LOL moments which will make you laugh till your stomach aches. However the film tends to stretch a little in the climax which could be avoided.(more)

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Anees Bazmee�s direction is simple which is much needed, given the complicated plot. Also, he is a pro, having handled many well-made, complicated capers in the past like NO ENTRY, WELCOME, READY and WELCOME BACK. Also, he has used the whole Punjabi element very well that would be loved by the same community.(more)

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Anil Kapoor steals the spotlight in this comedy with sporadic laughs

Mubarakan only prolongs the inevitable, with the sole source of humour being Kartar Singh generate inane solutions and then see things fall apart repeatedly. The film best works when it is ingeniously silly such as the random mannequin in the back of Kartar Singh's Hummer or when he spots an angel loitering in his garden as he talks to his brother's ghost. A mobile hawker named Izzat ka Falooda takes the cake though. Less tone-deaf humour, more quirks, a shorter running time and a more able younger cast and Mubarakan could have been more delightful.(more)

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Mubarakan is comedy served in Patiala peg

That clean dialogues, written sensibly, entertain and charm the movie-goers. That using common sense to captivate the audience works remarkably well and is much appreciated too. And that is where Mubarakan, after Andaz Apna Apna and Hera Pheri (you can list your best comedy films in the message board below), scores big time.(more)

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Anil Kapoor outshines Arjun Kapoor in this partly funny film

Mubarakan is a typical Bazmee film which starts with loud background music and solid bass. The hero walks in slow motion and dances to peppy tunes, but shows a docile attitude in front of the heroine. Arjun Kapoor takes a cue from Akshay Kumar in Welcome and jumps into this mad-caper wholeheartedly. It�s just that Anil Kapoor is a pro at it and steals all the limelight from him.(more)

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Anil is the scene-stealer with his half Brit-half Punjabi act lifting the film throughout. Arjun's double-act allows for some smiles and the girls, Ileana, Athiya and Neha are easy on the eye, though they're just decorative set-pieces. Ratna and Pavan add weightage with their stellar acts, though Pavan should have kept it down in the dramatic portions, where he is much too loud.(more)

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Anil Kapoor Lends Lustre To Proceedings Before Idiocy Quotient Peaks

Mubarakan is a comedy that revolves around two weddings and a whole lot of confusion. Before the lovebirds can have their nuptials solemnized in a gurudwara, they have to fly though two-and-a-half hours of turmoil caused by familial pressures and mistaken amorous liaisons.(more)

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This old wine in a new bottle is worth tasting

Anil S Kapoor is such a brilliant actor that he maintains the comic element so well throughout. At this age, he is just too good to be on screen. He is the strongest pillar of the film. Pawan Malhotra is so good as a strict and helpless father that he will remind you of his glimpse in Jab We Met. Ratna Pathak Shah is an absolute gem. A scene turns to gold when she is in the frame. Surprisingly, Arjun Kapoor is good with his expressions and comic timing. Playing a double role isn't an easy job for an actor who is being panned for his previous performances. He played a double role in Aurangzeb which was a disaster, but this film will break the ice for him. It is hard to change the audiences' perception, but Arjun will change it with Mubarakan. (more)

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