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Sketch in, sketch out

Veera keeps moving at a decent pace and engages at most times. It cleverly avoids the mistake that this year's earlier film on a similar subject - Vikram's Sketch - did, and doesn't hero worship one bit. It's also a relief that the love track is kept to a minimal; there�s composer Leon James - adora...(more)



Idea is solid & interesting!

Rajaraman's basic idea is definitely solid and interesting, his research work is also laudable but the execution could have been better. However, the dialect and quirky nature of characters are impressive. Kreshna sleepwalks throughout.. and his trendy costumes and hairstyle are odd for a North C...(more)

Source: SIFY, Sify.com


Yet another title of a classic wasted

Considering how much they've tried to keep things authentic, it's disheartening to see Veeramuthu and Pachamuthu don branded tees despite not even having a roof over their head. But that's the least of the problems for Veera. Isn't it about time we were done with slow-mo shots of heroines smiling de...(more)

Source: Gopinath, Indian Express


Veera Review

Though the basic plot of the film isn't so interesting (at least on screen), there are few sequences which keeps you hooked. The action scenes and gang wars are choreographed well - quite realistic, intriguing and violent - and Krishna has pulled them off convincingly.(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India

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No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Verrattaama Verratturiye” Ko Sesha Sid Sriram & Neeti Mohan Listen
2 “Nijaaru Usaaru” Na Muthukumar Lawrence & Mahalingam Listen
3 “Ootaanda Soltuvaa” Ko Sesha Leon James Listen
4 “Pogaadhey Kanmaniye” Na Muthukumar Pradeep Kumar Listen
5 “Mama Mama Mayangadhe ” Krishna Kishor Anthony Daasan Listen