Theeran Athigaram Ondru (U/A)
17/Nov/2017 Action, Thriller 2hrs 43mins

Theeran Athigaram Ondru
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Good racy entertainer...good suspense...karthi acting is good (more)


Arun Sundar

Definetely one of the most interesting and engaging films of 2017. Nice detailing in screenplay and presentation. But towards the final act the film felt lengthy and bit of a drag.Could have trimmed down a few portions. (more)


Sathu Niro

The movie is incredible good action good romance i love the movie i can watch like 4 (more)


Bubblo Sheikh

It's a great come back for karthick, gud job karthick and the scscreenplay was blowing.It's a great msg by the director vinoth about the department and politics what they have done from 95 to 2000 about such crimes.Simply great attempt and one of the quality movie.Best of luck for the team and crew.Love u all (more)