Achari America Yatra (U/A)
27/Apr/2018 Comedy, Drama 2hrs 2mins

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Achari America Yatra
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Outdated Achari!

All those who wished to see another "Dhee" or "Doosukeltha", will be in for huge disappointment.(more)

Source: GreatAndhra,



Achari America Yatra turns into an ordeal for the viewer. In a major role after a while, Brahmanandam fails to produce any laughs. His timing is still there but the writing lets him down. The director seems to have focused more on Pragya Jaiswal's navel than on her character. She seems to have nothi...(more)

Source: Suhas Yellapantula, Times Of India


Achari America Yatra - Same old Comedy

Achari America Yatra is yet another outdated comedy which has nothing new to offer. The same old plot, weak narration in the second half and lack of basic emotions slow down the flow of the film completely. All those who love Manchu Vishnu and Brahmanandam's chemistry can give this film a shot. But ...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team,


Achari America Yatra - Boring Yatra

If the audience look in Vishnu and G.Nageswar Reddy for another super hit like � Denikaina Ready, Edo rakam,Audo rakam.But in Achari America Yatra,they will be disappointed .There is no comedy worth laughs in second half and drives audience of seat fast .Over all the Achari America Yatra does not s...(more)

Source: Telugumirchi Team,

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1 “Aachari America Yatra” Bhaskara Bhatla Srikrishna,Aditya Iyengar,Raghuram, Dhanunjay, Sony
2 “Swamy Raa Raa” Bhaskara Bhatla Srikrishna,Dhanunjay,Mohana Bhogaraju, Sahiti Chaganti Listen
3 “Cheliya” Ramajogayya Sastry Achu Rajamani Listen
4 “Renuka” Thaidala Bapu Saketh Komanduri,Roshini
5 “Jukebox” Listen