Touch Chesi Chudu (U/A)
02/Feb/2018 Action, Drama 2hrs 27mins

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Touch Chesi Chudu
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Even if you're a die-hard fan of the Mass Maharaja, you wouldn't help but feel short-changed after watching the film. Ravi Teja's dialogue-delivery is still intact, he can still beat up goons, he can still dance in foreign locales but if you're expecting a good story to be told, I'm afraid you won't...(more)

Source: Suhas Yellapantula, Times Of India


This Ravi Teja film has no surprises but entertains

Touch Chesi Chudu, which is written by Vakkantham Vamsi and directed by Vikram Sirikonda, is much better than Teja's previous outing Raja The Great. That is, indeed, a relief.(more)

Source: Manoj Kumar R, Indian Express


Routine Touch

Touch Chesi Chudu is a typical cop drama which showcases Ravi Teja in a powerful manner. He leads from the front in this otherwise routine commercial entertainer. Some mass elements and good fights are basic assets for the film. The storyline is quite predictable and things get side track during the...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team,


Ravi Teja's screen presence saves this boring film

Touch Chesi Choodu not only relies on your admiration for Ravi Teja's relentless energy but also tests your patience in sitting through its dull drama. It might very well have been named as 'Opika Unte Choodu' (Watch it if you have patience). At least, that would have justified whatever follows afte...(more)

Source: Hemanth Kumar,


Cliched and Boring

"Touch Chesi Chudu" is a total let-down from the word go, as the story and packaging both lack appeal. It ranks as one of the badly made movies in recent times. A headache for sure.(more)

Source: GreatAndhra,

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4 “Raaye Raaye” Kasarla Shyam Nakash Aziz & Madhu priya Listen
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