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Mamooty Delivers A Masterclass In Ram's Poetic Take On Unconditional Love!

I am not sure if this was Ram's intention. But there is every possibility that his Peranbu could make you a better person and look at life a little differently. It establishes the supremacy of love without romanticizing it. Because love in its purest form cannot be romanticized. You can add no value to infinity and Peranbu is about this infinite emotion called LOVE!(more)

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Mammootty is excellent in path-breaking film by Ram

Peranbu is not a full-on serious film. It also has black comedy here and there to make you laugh. Baby Sadhna as a spastic child is brilliant and it is safe to say that she lives her role. Anjali Ameer and Anjali deliver memorable performances in the film.(more)

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Mammootty Plays The Gentlest "Ram Hero" In Ram's Least Angry, Most Moving Drama

There are a few - only a few - misjudged scenes in Peranbu. Say, the stretch where Meera enters Amudhavan's house, or the ending, which is revolutionary as an idea but appears forced. (I felt the film essentially ended a little earlier, with Amudhavan and Paapa at the beach.) But the staging keeps you watching. In a remarkable scene with Amudhavan and Paapa, the camera stays afar, tracking between the edges of the screen, while also zooming in � we feel the distance and the closeness that Amudhavan feels. (more)



Peranbu is filled with poignant moments and superb performances.

Then there are the performances. With his superbly nuanced portrayal, Mammootty puts across the sheer helplessness of Amudhavan. In a role that could have easily become a caricature, Sadhana strikes a fine balance between being showy and subtle. In a tricky role, Anjali makes us empathise with her character while debutant Anjali Ameer makes Meera a noteworthy one.(more)

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It has the power to change the way you look at life

Peranbu has been made relentlessly by Ram. He has not made any commercial compromises and hence it has a docu-feel about it and takes its own time to unfold. Kudos to producer PL Thenappan and hero Mammootty for standing firm alongside Ram. If such films meet with a certain degree of commercial success too, then the industry would have taken a collective leap of faith. We have to see how the public reacts to Peranbu. Interesting days ahead!(more)

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Tamil cinema's ecstatic chapter

Go for this absolute gem and celebrate an ecstatic chapter in Tamil cinema that will find its place among the best in world cinema. (more)

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Too good in many parts that there is a temptation to forgive its slowness!

The film touches a lot of sensitive issues but at no place, would you think of it as being vulgar or inappropriate. Ram is easily one of the finest filmmakers that Tamil cinema has ever produced and the maturity he has shown in this film only proves that point. The dialogues, in particular, were brilliant and to the point. The pre-interval scene is one of the highlights of Peranbu, a very simple scene that makes a lot of sense. That sequence proves that you don�t have to try really try hard to make a scene work(more)

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Peranbu, a hard-hitting untold story in Tamil Cinema, is a must watch.

Through a film as strong as Peranbu, Ram tells us that the differently abled community don't need our sympathy to survive. He wants us to realize that they are as normal as anyone. They have their own needs that can be achieved through love and affection between humans. Even if Peranbu does not satisfy you, it will change you as a human, will remind how gifted our lives are, which makes this a film that has to be received with Peranbu.(more)

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Dealing with love that knows no bounds

Peranbu is a rare film that humanises their issues, and drives home a necessary point: that it�s normal for differently-abled people to have sexual feelings. As a reviewer, it�s not my job to influence readers. But I know this is exactly what I'm doing now: iIf there's one film that needs to be cherished on the big screen, it is Peranbu.(more)

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There's a lot of heart in this delicately textured moving drama

Two other elements stand out in the entire production � the background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematography by Theni Easwar of Merku Thodarchi Malai-fame (whose frames resemble poetry in motion). Peranbu, although, isn�t the first film to explore the sexuality of a woman with cerebral palsy. We have had films like Margarita with a Straw that dealt with a similar theme. However, I leave the theater with a heavy heart thinking about the many Amudhavans and Paapas out there. Kudos to Ram, who has made a profound and layered film that works on you magically.(more)

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Mammootty, Sadhana starrer is a devastatingly beautiful drama about father-daughter bonding

Peranbu, starring Mammootty, Sadhana and Anjali in prominent roles and directed by Ram, is an intense emotional drama about the relationship between a father and a daughter.(more)

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Intense and hard hitting

Through Peranbu, Ram drives home a point that the differently abled do not need our sympathy but are instead treated as normal persons, showering plenty of love. Your eyes will well up due to happiness when you come out of the cinema halls as Peranbu (Abundant Love) will make you a better human being, as you would feel gifted to posses a body without frailties. A must watch film!(more)

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Mammootty gives one of his most mature performances in a devastatingly beautiful film

It takes guts for a mainstream hero, especially someone of Mammootty's stature, to take up such a project. It is heartening to see him not only accept the role but play it gracefully in one of his most mature performances in recent times. Sadhana, as the daughter, breathes life into the character of Paapa, and it is hard to imagine anyone else in her shoes. Anjali, in a role that is neither positive nor negative, brings out the helplessness of her character beautifully.(more)

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