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Vijay single-handedly rules this Sarkar

The director should be unreservedly applauded for making it all come together and work spectacularly with his scene construction, dialogues and some twists that keep it highly engaging from start to finish. (more)

Source: Editor, MovieCrow


Sarkar is a full-fledged political action thriller served with necessary mass masala ingredients aimed at masses

Sarkar is Vijay's show all the way, he carries it on his broad shoulders with his powerful dialogue delivery and impeccable performance. The scene where Vijay explains the pain of fishermen family is sure to melt stone hearts and the second half is filled with many such scenes. While the first half ...(more)

Source: Moviebuff, Sify.com


Sarkar is Vijay's strong political voice for a change! Screenplay could have been more engaging and crisper, specially in the first half. But Go for it, this deepavali season

With an exponentially better second half, ARM works his way out by scoring in scenes that will connect with the audience in a more personal way. AR Rahman's background score in the first half could seem quite functional, but he makes up for it with a superb score in the second half. Girish Gangadhar...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Behindwoods.com


Vijay is in top form in a smart, overlong film that has a good message but lacks strong antagonists.

Muragadoss has executed the film well, choosing to go with a developed script than just fan service. In fact, the songs and a few action scenes that panders to the �mass� audience is what weighs down the film, which is otherwise evenly paced. The makers also deserve credit for taking the effort to p...(more)

Source: Sanjith Sidharthan, Times Of India


Good intent but with much more slick execution, the impact would have been higher.

Sarkar shows Thalapathy Vijay in top form, striking gold with his screen presence, both with his royal mannerisms and also when things turn serious. His performance while struggling for society, his dialogue delivery when he explains the reality and his energy during the fight sequences are all exhi...(more)

Source: Galatta Review Board, galatta.com


Go for Thalapathy Vijay's One Man 'Sarkar'

screenplay is completely devoid of logic right from Vijay taking his case to court to contesting in the elections that all seem too easy and unconvincing even by commercial cinema standards. The screenplay slump is massive in the second half with the last one hour loaded with over the top speeches...(more)

Source: Review Board, IndiaGlitz.com


Not a Sarkar Deepavali

Sarkar belongs to Vijay, but not AR Murugadoss. It's tailor-made for 'Thalapathy' who speaks of farmer suicides, Jallikattu, Tuticorin protests, the fishermen's issue, �marketing and branding� and how with the support of youngsters, he can save Tamil Nadu. Watch out for the scene where he talks abou...(more)

Source: Subhakeerthana, Indian Express


Vijay-starrer is entertaining but lacks the punch of his earlier films with AR Murugadoss

The trouble with Sarkar is that the story-line is wafer thin: one man taking on a corrupt political system single-handedly. It is a beaten-to-death subject with hardly any twists. The writing and screenplay lacks depth and is highly illogical in many places, with too many cinematic liberties taken b...(more)

Source: SridharPilai, Firstpost.com

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story wise nice and it was only written for thalapathy. Nice dialogues and good message given in this story. (more)


Nilesh Mali

Pakka mass political worth watching section 49p (more)


Jaswanth Jayapaul

A political awareness movie...could have included more of yogi babu to make the movie more lively..AR music was amazing as usual.Vijay & keerthi dance and dialogues were good.Hyped up by political parties. (more)


Swarrnraj Raj

Movie is realy fantastic......Thalaiva u made it.. (more)


Vedalam Ganesh

Movie failed to create the magic which Thuppakki and Kathi did. Vijay did justice to the character and he was delight to watch on screen be it with his signature dance moves or fight scenes. ARM wanted to question many politics things which is happening or happened in Tamil Nadu and choose Vijay (wh... (more)


Vijay Bala

The underlying message, strong performance by Vijay and also nods to several real-life incidents and people make Sarkar a smart and yet a bit stretched out. Must watch ...SARKAR... (more)

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