Naadodigal 2 (U/A)
31/Jan/2020 2hrs 16mins

Naadodigal 2

Critics Review


Finesse is not its strong-point but an important tale nevertheless!

The film wants to make pertinent points. Say for instance the transgender character. To the film's credit, this is a full fledged character and not a single scene appearance used as an excuse to preach. But again, very minimal effort is put into using this character seamlessly as a part of the film's narrative. There is a dialogue in the film where Sasikumar says that age old problems cannot be fixed with a single step and he is only trying to move forward in that direction. But in the film all these problems are done away with in a jiffy. (more)

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Goes to the next level

Go for this one to enjoy the nostalgic moments of the original and the strong social messages delivered with fine performances from the cast.(more)

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Some good moments, but message-first approach bring down Naadodigal-2

It is only after it establishes its plot that Naadodigal-2 becomes moderately engaging. The narrative becomes taut, the scenes get some amount of intensity and we get something of the rush that Naadodigal provided.(more)

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Yet another loud anti-caste drama in Samuthirakani's style!!!

Naadodigal 2 is more moralising than any other Samuthirakani's film in the past, it has a relationship based issue intertwined with social issues. It preaches more about the social cause rather the relationship side.(more)

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Sasikumar Delivers Several Important Messages, But Where Is The Movie?

In director Samuthirakani's hurry to cover as many issues plaguing society as he can, it seems like he forgot to make a film.(more)



Naadodigal 2 is a well-intentioned effort that focusses more on messaging, the preachy treatment makes it less engaging.

Naadodigal 2 would�ve been more powerful had the film tried to convey messages through story and characterization. Everything is literal when we have characters whose sole purpose looks to convey only messages. Adding to the preachiness is the predictability. (more)

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V for 'Velvom'

Nadodigal 2 is replete with two-syllable words � velvom, jaipom, vazhvom and saavom. The word I'm looking for is hope. Or, in Samuthirakani's parlance, nambuvom(more)

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Skip it. Naadodigal 2 is a poor cousin of the first part. It is worth a skip.

Samuthirakani packs the first half with just two good sequences and too many songs from Justin Prabhakaran. There are some good moments in the second half but the film largely holds onto the format of the first part, trying to fit in the caste-related elements at every corner. The cheesy romance featuring Sasikumar is something that could have been avoided without second thought, to cut down on the runtime at least. (more)

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