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Reinvention Of Rajini

Petta is a movie made out-and-out for the Rajini fans and by a Rajini fan. It is a Pongal treat to see Rajini performing with no shackles or inhibitions. It is almost a reimagination of Rajini for future film-makers to take note(more)

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This Superstar film is a solid crowd pleaser

Petta is way too long at 2 hours and 52 minutes, and could have done with some serious pruning, especially in its first half. Nevertheless, it's engaging because it is Rajinikanth's most coherent film in recent years. It has a sliver of a story, and its heart in the right place.(more)

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Style! Mass! Style! Petta is a celebration of Superstar Rajinikanth. Go enjoy it.

We can safely say this is one of the most memorable Rajini films we've got. The film opens with a card: INSPIRED BY, PERFORMED BY, AND DEDICATED TO RAJINIKANTH. You can't agree more, and that's what the film is all about.(more)

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Petta is less of a Karthik Subbaraj film, but it gives Rajini fans their Thalaivar in a way that they have been dying to see him, celebrating the Rajinisms.

This approach does make the film feel like a greatest hits collection of Rajinikanth, but that can never be a complaint. The film does have its issues, mostly narrative. It is overlong, and takes a while to get going (after a point, the college scenes become an overkill); the songs aren�t really nec...(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


A real Rajinikanth feast

In Petta, director Karthik Subbaraj proves that he's more a Superstar fan than filmmaker, filling the film with loads of Rajini-isms. There are punch dialogues replete, which will surely drive meme creators crazy in the days to come. Rajinikanth proves that he's still in sublime form when it comes t...(more)



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Karthik Subbaraj delivers a satisfying film for all those Rajini fans. #GetRajinified

To sum it all, Rajini is in his best elements in Petta giving the viewer that satisfying experience. However, for Karthik Subbaraj fans, it may be a little less. The duration of close to three hours could make a few restless.(more)

Source: Maathevan, galatta.com

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first half vera level and second half was not good (more)


Naveen Prathap

#PETTA - SIRAPPANA THARAMANA SAMBAVAM !!! This movie by far, is the closest, one can get for a reinvention of a 90's Rajini. Something which we all were waiting for a long time. This might probably be the last one of its kind. No other person other than this 'Maha Rajni Veriiyan' #Karthick_Subbur... (more)


Vivek Kumar

I love this movie thalaivar always rock love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thalaivar marana massssssssssssssssssssssssss movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the one an only movie ill see ofter 25years now my age is 32 ofter basha ill see full am full super star movie thanks to karthik.s i love u karthick love u so much th... (more)


Arun Sundar

And out and out Rajni Show from Start to finish. Nothing much in terms in screenplay or character development. Even the final revelation in the climax is on expected lines. (more)


Ajay Ajeev

Semma mass..... Thalaiva re entry... No lagg..... Only mass.... (more)


Maestro Manohar

Reinvent the RAJINI you have watched in your childhood. It's been long since we have heard dialogues from SUPERSTAR that took audience by storm,last being vasee meh..Do watch till the karthik subbaraj title card comes in the climax. (more)

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