Rajavukku Check (U/A)
24/Jan/2020 Action, Drama 2hrs 09mins

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Rajavukku Check
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On one hand, it wants us to feel tragic for the young girl who is about to be raped, but on the other, it uses to feel relieved when another female character (played by Srushti Dange) is gang raped! For now, the film remains a half-decent one that fails to live up to the potential of its plot.(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


Cheran's Performance As A Father Makes The Film Watchable

Rajavukku Check is yet another film that sacrifices a thriller for a social message. In an uneven film that keeps switching between a father's anguish and his attempts to rescue his daughter, Cheran's touching performance keeps us interested.(more)

Source: Ashutosh Mohan, Filmcompanion.in


This king is better left unchecked

This makes him fall asleep during the unlikeliest moments. But during this one particular night, he resists his illness and stays awake. This, in a way, triggers the entire chaos. If only he had fallen asleep, the girls in the film, as well as the audience, would have been saved from much misery.(more)

Source: Navien Darshan, The New Indian Express


A decent crime thriller

Rajavukku Check is an average crime thriller from director Sai Rajkumar. Had he concentrated more in the execution part, the film would have become an edge of the seat thriller! (more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com

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