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A Well Played Cover Drive That Comfortably Reaches The Boundary!

Kanaa is a good mix of cricket, emotions, agriculture and a lot more! Go for it as it is a positive, feel-good film which would engage all range of audiences with its game!(more)

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Aishwarya Rajesh shines in passable sports drama

Kanaa is a commendable attempt at showing women's cricket in the best light. However, it falls short of being the best film out there. Aishwarya Rajesh is extraordinary as an off-spin bowler in director Arunraja Kamaraj's Kanaa, which has a predictable story.(more)

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A promising sports drama elevated by Aishwarya Rajesh's stand-out performance

Kanaa is a step up in that direction and despite its flaws, it makes for an engaging watch, provided one ignores the highly melodramatic farming angle. Arunraja Kamaraj tries to hit two birds with one stone, and unfortunately, he does't quite hit it right.(more)

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Kanaa is a crowdpleasing sports movie that also doubles up as a message movie on farmers and their issues.

Arunraja gives us a thrilling cricket match in the end, with a bravura speech that Kausi makes about farmers, which leaves us in a rush.(more)

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Kanaa is a well-made emotional and entertaining sports film highlighting various problems in the society. Go for it.

The movie has a lot of inspiring portions. The success of this film lies in the fact that it will make you think about your dream, and motivate you to work towards it.(more)

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Kanaa - Dream Achieved

Go for this engaging, well written, well-enacted sports drama that also carries a strong message that will move your hearts.(more)

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Run-out By Sports Movie Clich�sRun-out By Sports Movie Clich�s

If only they gave her credit for what she was worth rather than piggyback on a coach to facilitate her road to glory. That's where Kanaa falters, and that's why Kousu falls short of being truly empowering.(more)

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A Fairly Entertaining Film With Forgivable Lapses

No pining, no bitter reflection on lost love, just a lot of mirth organically triggered by the wonderful writing. It's one of the most delightful sequences in the film.(more)

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A winning debut

What works wonderfully is the writing. There is humour and there are also several poignant father-daughter emotions all through. A big thumbs-up to Aishwarya Rajesh, who has convincingly pulled off Kausalya.(more)

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A feel good movie with a bunch of important messages

It's a feel good movie with a bunch of important messages thrown at you. As long as you can handle the moral tones in good spirit, this is worth a watch during the upcoming holidays.(more)

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Aishwarya Rajesh hits a six but loses the match

If this punch had been present throughout the film, Kanaa would have been a nail-biting match to the end. What we get instead is a melodramatic film that tries to do everything and fails to do anything at all.(more)

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A quality Sports drama that addresses two much-needed social issues.

Sathyaraj on the other side rules the screen with his power-packed character, strong screen presence, and neat dialogue delivery. Debutante Dharshan played his part decently but his role was not efficient enough to create a hard impression. Sivakarthikeyan occupies the screen in the final hour in a meaty role.(more)

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Watch it for the brilliant performance of Aishwarya Rajesh

Kanaa has a predictable premise and you know exactly which way the story's going to go, but is definitely a good watch this holiday season for the topical message and fine performances of Aishwarya Rajesh. (more)

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