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Nani starrer 'Jersey' is a heart warming sports drama that lovingly blends the genre and human emotions!

Like every sports film, there is a failed sportsman returning to his game. There is a family that struggles to understand him. There is an ego clash inside his team. There is an adrenalin rushing last match to be won. But the success of this film is in the way it gets to those moments! The narration is organic! The performances are real! And the story has all the life! (more)

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A while into the film, Nani simply ceases to exist and it is only cricketer Arjun you see.

Watch this one this weekend if you're an ardent fan of cricket, for you will sit on the edge of your seat during the sporting scenes. Watch this one for Nani and the rest of the cast, who will make you fall in love with their characters by the time the end credits roll. But especially watch this one for Gowtam Tinnanuri, for it's not every day that a director manages to pull off a sports drama like this with ease. Jersey will make you laugh, cry and cheer out loud. (more)

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A film to savour

Apart from a few niggles like these, Jersey is endearing. It moves away from the oft-repeated trope of playing to win for the country. It's a deeply personal journey. Therein lies the difference and its triumph.(more)



Emotion at its best

Jersey is a realistic sports drama which moves you emotionally. Nani once again proves what an actor he is and single handedly takes the film to greater heights. Realistic narration, relatable characters, great performances and above all, honest emotions will make your heart heavy. If you ignore the slightly slow pace, this film will be liked by one and all and makes for a great watch as honest films like Jersey come rarely. Watch it without fail.(more)

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Nani and Shraddha Srinath sparkle in excellent sports drama

Jersey is a film that celebrates the gift of life and teaches us to take life with a pinch of salt. It will move you, inspire you and make you look at your own life in a different way. Director Gowtam Tinnanuri's Jersey is not just your regular sports drama. It is an emotional film that talks about a disgruntled cricketer's life, his ever-supporting wife and what it is like to be back to doing what you once considered your life. Watch Jersey.(more)

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Hits the Ball Out of the Park

"Jersey" is an inspirational sports movie that tells the triumph of the common man and teaches you to never give up. Aided by natural performance of Nani and heart-warming moments, "Jersey" is a winner. This will appeal to audiences who like classy movies.(more)

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Gowtam Tinnanuri delivers a rewarding sports drama

Not just drama, Jersey has enough cricketing moments to draw you to the edge of the seat. Gowtam exactly knows how much of cricket should be shown at a given point in the narration, so that the game doesn't overshadow the human drama. The majority of the first half, we just get a few scenes of Arjun showing off his batting skills. Gowtam Tinnanuri saves the best-choreographed sporting moments for the second half. I can easily say that Jersey is one of the best sports dramas of the decade.(more)

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Nani delivers a sublime performance in Gowtam Tinnanuri's emotional tour de force

Gowtam Tinnanuri brings in a different flavour of storytelling with Jersey. It could have been an inspiring story about a cricketer, whose presence inspires others in the team; however, the film isn't about how Arjun got back on the field. It's about why he wanted to get back and the price he was willing to pay. And there lies the masterstroke of Jersey. At a run-time of 160 minutes, Jersey packs in so many emotional moments that it'll leave(more)

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