Maanaadu (U/A)
25/Nov/2021 Action, Drama


Critics Review


Worth Watching, Even In Loops!

The strain to convey a high concept in the easiest possible way has paid-off as the film is bound to cater to all class audiences. Complex stuff is smartly simplified here with apt sequences. The choice of scenes is very interesting, the screenplay is very faithful to the treatment and at the same time it is commercially enjoyable. It is an out and out Venkat Prabhu's smart game, especially in the second half. He has sincerely penned and executed scenes that would cheer up the viewers and thus the theatrical experience metre is on the perfect level.(more)

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Simbu-SJ Suryah's performances, Venkat Prabhu's screenplay and Praveen KL's edit make Maanaadu entertaining. Go experience the loop

A Venkat Prabhu Politics and this is not a film that has superficial politics. It speaks about the discrimination that muslims face inside India, and also questions the tag of terrorists that surround the community. Venkat Prabhu and STR don't hold back anything and boldly question the stereotype which deserves praise considering the current political situation in the country. (more)

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Simbu's time loop film is a fun thriller

The writing is sharp, just giving us the information we need to understand what's going on in the film, without overstretching the repetition. The glass from the airport roof falls the very first time Khaliq steps out; watch out for how Venkat Prabhu brings it back towards the end. Though Simbu gets a stylish, hero's introduction, he isn't painted as infallible. The long fight sequence when Khaliq figures out the right moves to survive the battle is hilarious and brilliantly done.(more)

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Simbu and SJ Suryah have a go at each other in this smartly-written film

Maanaadu is the latest addition in a, hopefully, long list of films where the idea of 'hero' is changing for the better. Consider this: a Tamil cinema star never dies. This is a given clause even in our masala cinema's rulebook. But here, we have a star in Simbu willing to let himself die multiple times and in multiple forms for the larger good. (more)

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Engaging and entertaining

If you take out the time loop angle, Maanaadu is a proper commercial cinema but the sci-fi element has only amplified the entertainment value although it tests our patience in the initial few scenes. For example, the pre-intermission action sequence of Silambarasan TR is a superb stretch and adds so much mass value to the film. (more)

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Simbu�s time loop movie is thoroughly entertaining

Maanaadu offers more reasons to celebrate it. In particular, SJ Suryah�s performance, which brings the circus to the town. He draws genuine laughter with his reactions to mind-boggling events. And also he knows exactly what is expected of him and he delivers it perfectly. The editing of the movie is another big plus.(more)

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Maanaadu is a supremely entertaining high-concept movie

Maanaadu marks a welcome return to form for both Venkat Prabhu, who is at his inventive best here, and Silambarasan TR, who seems to have regained the energy and charisma that made him a beloved star. You instantly believe the fact that Khaliq has managed to figure out that he is in a time loop because effortlessly portrays him as a smart guy. We constantly see what's going on in his brain � how he is figuring things out, learning from his mistakes and planning his next step � even while trying to navigate the events happening around him. He also makes us buy into the emotional reason behind Khaliq's need to stop the tragedy. (more)

Source: M Suganth, Times Of India