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A Kids Friendly Outing That Doesn't Completely Alienate The Adults! But Wish It Was More Exciting

Ayalaan is a proper kids friendly film and one that is mostly all right as a laidback watch for adults. A little excitement in the second half is what the film lacks. (more)

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An enjoyable sci-fi entertainer with a local flavour

It is the twists that Ravikumar gives to concepts that we have seen in several Hollywood films - superpowers, UFOs, extra-terrestrials, powerful robots, femme fatales, large-scale destruction - that makes Ayalaan an entertainer for all ages. In the first half, he uses the alien, called Tattoo, like a cute cartoon character, generating wonder and humour, thereby appealing to kids and the kids within adults. The fact that the visual effects are largely seamless only adds to the magic - the filmmaking complements the imagination we see in the writing, which niftily keeps bringing back characters and elements we were introduced to in the first half in effective ways in the second to further the narrative.(more)

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Sivakarthikeyan's sci-fi film suffers because of rocky screenplay

Sivakarthikeyan's chemistry with the alien is excellent. Add to it, a terrific Yogi Babu, an in-form Karunakaran and his aide. Probably the reason why, the first half turns out to be an enjoyable ride.Sivakarthikeyan's earnest attempt needs to be appreciated. For a star of his stature, picking off-beat films has its own pros and cons. And it�s heartening to see him own up his choice of films. He lives up to the role of Tamizh and his interaction with the alien is the highlight of the film.(more)

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Despite the flaws, Sivakarthikeyan's alien movie is a fun timepass

For Sivakarthikeyan, this role would have been a breeze as it has shades of fun and is emotional. Let�s not forget the alien, who is as much a hero as Sivakarthikeyan in this film. Ayalaan may have been delayed a few years but it will still appeal to adults - and kids - looking for a place to while away some good time.(more)

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Sivakarthikeyan Led Sci-Fi Film Isn't Perfect But Has Its Heart In The Right Place!

Ayalaan isn't a perfect sci-fi film, but it offers you a good time with its fun and heartwarming moments. Most importantly, it's a film with good intentions!(more)

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R Ravikumar's 'Ayalaan' is too generic to make an impact, but it is a harmless watch.

Ayalaan takes a long time to take off, and that's a sin for a plot so generic. And once the alien lands, there are comedy routines like having Yogi Babu coming out of a bath and dropping his towel in front of the creature. Rakul Preet Singh contributes absolutely nothing as a random lady who teaches science. But the film is a harmless watch, mainly due to its leading man. Sivakarthikeyan in comic mode is always a pleasure. (I liked Prince. Deal with it!) Some of the one-liners given to Yogi Babu and Karunakaran are quite funny. And when an early scene involves a locust burping after its swarm has ravaged a field of sunflowers, you know who the target audience is. The kids in my theatre were giggling. Mission accomplished, I guess! The kid inside me, though, wanted to run home and watch E.T. for the 769th time.(more)

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Sivakarthikeyan's sci-fi film feels dated

The elaborate stunt sequences might have been hard work, but they also end up as a tiresome watch. And the redundancies. Director R Ravikumar's lack of trust in the audience makes him resort to elaborate detailing of his ideas. For example, the idea that Tamizh and Tattoo have to be in physical contact to remain powerful is explored in a tiresome fight sequence where things are repeated more than required. We get it. Or the pedestrian exposition intentionally catering to 'all centers'. In any case, it has come at a cost�the cost of the film being too simplistic when it could have been much more.(more)

Source: Kirubhakar Purushothaman, Indian Express