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A Not To Miss Breathtaking Experience!

Game Over is a not to miss, genre specific thriller based on the life of a gamer who is in search of a new life due to an unfortunate event that took place in her past. Producer Sashikanth and director Ashwin Saravanan have woven out a technically brilliant film with good performances and most importantly, an audio that holds the soul of this beautiful yet mind boggling film. No commercial elements, nobody has been taken for granted and just the content with magical making will enthrall one and all!(more)

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Engaging watch

Game Over is a laudable attempt by Ashwin and he is definitely one of the promising filmmakers of this generation! On the whole, watch it, for it bravely treads new ground.(more)

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'Game Over' is a gripping edge of the seat thriller that stays grounded and focussed. Must Watch!

The film's short runtime helps its cause in a big way. At just over 90 minutes, there are no extras. Not even a single dialogue. If Karthik Subbaraj's 'Pizza' changed the way horror films were made, 'Game Over' is a thriller you wouldn't have seen anything like this before. It's that good. It also addresses mental health in a sensible and matured way and offers a proper perspective on what with deteriorating mental health goes through. Even if one doesn't get the subtext of the film, it would still end up as a gripping edge of the seat thriller.(more)

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Taapsee Pannu is excellent in kickass psychological thriller

Game Over is an intelligent film that uses the video game concept in a smart manner. Just like in video games... the game is not over until all the lives are lost. It's not really over until it's over.(more)

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There are many layers to the film � both psychological and 'spirit'ual � and these moments are what make this film interesting.

There are a few jump scares, but they are more due to what the eyes can see and not because of the fear of the invisible, and Vasanth's cinematography manages to capture them adequately well. Another plus of the film is the background score by Ron Ethan Yohann; though loud in places, it's needed to create the kind of impact a psychological thriller has to make. The first half plays out a little longer than we would like it to, and Ashwin takes up that much time to establish the plot, but Richard Kevin's editing makes the second half racy and crisp. (more)

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Taapsee Pannu hits the ball out of the park through a terrifying thriller

This is like nothing we have been served by Bollywood so far, so bless you Ashwin Saravanan for not confining yourself to Kollywood or Tollywood viewers and dubbing it - so well - in Hindi. Game Over is inventive, it is intelligent, it does not take the viewer lightly and above all else, it is terrifying.(more)

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Taapsee Pannu tries her best in this Black Mirror wannabe

This could so easily have been a smart film. We are never told why the heroine loves or makes games. Sapna doesn't learn from mistakes, or ever truly take charge. No wonder she can�t beat her Pac-Man score.(more)

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A patchy affair

There are a couple of genuinely scary moments, but the rest of it is too stretched: even the 102 minute run time feels too long, with not enough thrills or chills.(more)

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The Enjoyable, Fabulously Twisty 'Game Over', Starring Taapsee Pannu, Is A Bona Fide Original

ame Over is a movie about a ghost possessing a body in order to extract revenge. (The means through which the "spirit" enters the body is genius, one of the most unique and imaginative plot points 've seen.) This angle involves a tattoo artist (Ramya Subramanian), and her place of business does sound like something to do with the afterlife: Immortal Inks.(more)



A masterful thriller that is both fun and torturous

Game Over starts off like a murder mystery story, but midway into the movie; it comes across as a psychological horror. Of course, genre is irrelevant for a movie, whose imaginative ideas are broader and enormous. Take this scene for instance. When we are introduced to Swapna's lifestyle, there's a split-second shot of a swing outside her house. (more)

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Taut Thriller With A Standout Performance By Taapsee Pannu

Game Over gives in to a variety of readings. The obvious ones relate to sexual harassment, PTSD, the resulting symptoms beginning with anxiety/panic attacks. The film also has a terminal disease survivor angle to it, all of which sits well with the larger video game allegory that is so smoothly handled by Ashwin and Kaavya. As Swapna receives more lives, she gets better. But not before putting her in a position that is so hopeless she has zero chance of survival. They break her leg and put her in a wheelchair. It is not darkness, not jump scares (though there is a genuine, incredibly scary moment soon after the interval) that put Game Over firmly in the horror/thriller genre. It is watching Swapna repeatedly fail, fail again and fail better as Samuel Beckett would put it.(more)