Rocketry - The Nambi Effect (U/A)
01/Jul/2022 Sci-fi, Drama 2hrs 38mins

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Madhavan The Director Isn't In The Same League As Madhavan The Actor

The film fares infinitely better when the plot veers deep in the second half towards the arrest and torture of Nambi Narayanan and an all-out dramatisation of the impact that the shocking turn of events has on his wife Meena (Simran, terrific in a curtailed role) and two grown-up children. The scene...(more)

Source: Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV Movies


Madhavan's intention is noble, but the film hits turbulence often

The story of Rocketry is, without doubt, something that audiences have to be told. But, behind that thought is a film that connects only in parts and is, at many times, awkward. In the film, a character remarks that scientists are strange people. Maybe Rocketry is that strange film that keeps siftin...(more)

Source: Srinivasa Ramanujam, The Hindu


Madhavan makes a solid debut as a filmmaker with Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

The film doesn't go too deep into the scientist's attempts to clear his name, and instead focuses more on the emotional fallout of the accusation on him and his family. This approach turns Rocketry into a sentimental drama, which feels like a rather safe choice, given that the story offers scope for...(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


It is a story that must be told and heard!

Rocketry is a movie that must be celebrated because an artist has tried to come out of his comfort zone and tell a story not many could dare. It is about a man who gave this country big achievements but was compensated with brutality. It took almost two decades for the government to give a veteran s...(more)

Source: Shubham Kulkarni, Koimoi


R Madhavan film is a patchy effort; equal parts effective and over-the-top amateurish

R Madhavan who has written and directed the film, as well as acted in the titular role, teeters between the two aspects of Nambiļæ½s life: the bright, cocky student of science who knows much more than his professor at Princeton and who tirelessly pushes for what he wants, and the responsible family ma...(more)

Source: Shubara Gupta, Indian Express


R Madhavan wins with the story of an underdog, Shah Rukh Khan's cameo is endearing

Audiences might not categorise Rocketry: The Nambi Effect as a mass commercial potboiler and only fit for festivals, but it's time you set yourself free from these expectations for this film is definitely worth all your time and money. It lets you know your country better and tells the untold story ...(more)

Source: Monika, Hindustan Times


ROCKETRY: THE NAMBI EFFECT tells a shocking story of an ISRO genius and is embellished with an award-winning performance by R Madhavan.

ROCKETRY: THE NAMBI EFFECT starts with a long shot that will leave the audience impressed. At the beginning itself, Nambi is shown getting humiliated and arrested. A few sequences that stand out in the first half are Nambi wooing Professor Crocco, Nambi proving to Professor Chokmark that he was wron...(more)

Source: Bollywoodhungama, Bollywood Hungama