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Allu Ramendran
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A Neat Entertainer Weaved From An Interesting Plot!

With a thin-yet-interesting storyline and fresh narration, Allu Ramendran does join the league of well-crafted entertainers.(more)

Source: Manu, One India


Police driver Ramendran's jeep always gets a puncture. He is now on a quest to find out who puts the nails (allu) in his path, earning him the nickname Allu Ramendran

Though the first half had ingredients of comedy, the second half gets bogged down with the drama. The director build a plot on Ramendran's nickname but sometimes it deviates from the focus; a football match, for example, is shown for no real reason. Nevertheless, the film is a good time-pass comedy....(more)

Source: Arya, Times Of India


A throughout entertainer

The cinematography by Jimshi Khalid gels well with the mood of the movie. The script by Girish, Sajin and Vineeth has all the elements for a fine entertainer. Allu Ramendran is one of those movies which won't disappoint you.(more)

Source: Gautham, Deccan Chronicle