Kumbalangi Nights (U)
07/Feb/2019 Comedy, Drama 2Hrs 15 Mins

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Kumbalangi Nights
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Critics Review


Two big thumbs up for this excellent film.

The year 2019 is just a month old and with Kumbalangi Nights here is a great start for Malayalam cinema. Two big thumbs up for this excellent film. (more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


The first half of the film starts out as a character-driven, while in the second half, the plot takes over; kudos to all that both work very well and gives us a film that is well-worth a watch.

The tense and surprising climax comes with the attempt to carry the relationship between Bobby and Babymol to its logical conclusion. The heavyweight moments in the film are dealt with comic one-liners that actually come across as good bits of philosophy for life. What seems like a broken down house...(more)

Source: Anna Mathews, Times Of India


Life and love in a beautiful, borderless isle

The women in the film, be it Baby or her elder sister (who, for the most part, plays the 'obedient wife') are not ones in need of the help of a "strong" man. They stand up on their own when it matters, not waiting for the knight in shining armour to burst into the scene.(more)

Source: S.R. Praveen, The Hindu


Don't Miss This One!

Kumbalangi Nights stands out with the unique way of storytelling and some stellar performances by the actors, especially Fahadh Faasil. Don't miss this one..!!(more)

Source: Akhila Menon, One India


A Compelling Narrative On Love, Life And Hope

n an intense climax scene, Fahadh chides Babymol for her progressive thoughts and blames cinema for influencing the mindset that challenges patriarchy. Kumbalangi Nights is exactly that kind of movie; a movie that challenges status quo, opens minds, and erases lines on the sand.(more)

Source: Sethuraman, Filmcompanion.in

User Reviews


Meghana Suresh

The worst film that i had ever seen.. Most of the actors acting was not good..Very irritating. Dialogues are not clear. (more)