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Kajal Aggarwal tries her best to elevate a film that has no clue how boring it is

This is a film which sends its protagonist to Bhutan, just because a doctor advises his uncle to send him as far away from Hyderabad as possible. This is a film which finds comedy in its antagonist telling Sita that he doesn't like sleeping with someone who doesn't smile. This is a film which has no clue how boring it is. To put it simply, Sita is a film where you could say Kajal is 'whoa!', but everything else around her is 'uh-oh!'(more)

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Not enough to root for

The monks never taught him a thing or two about the opposite sex and matters of privacy? Also, in this day of heightened discourse of gender sensitisation, it doesn't ring right when the hero tells the villain that he can whisk away Sita, but not if she's Ram's wife. Scratch that. No woman, irrespective of her marital status, can be violated.(more)



Only for Kajal's act

Sita is undoubtedly Kajal's career-best performance and she leads from the front. Bellamkonda Sreenivas ably supports her with his sincere act but the boring and dragged second half makes the ride bumpy. If all you want is to watch Kajal in a never before seen avatar, do watch the film for her but there is nothing special or new which is being showcased here.(more)

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Boring Ramayana

The plus points of the movie are the early sequences, Bittiri Satti's comedy, and some entertaining dialogues. To an extent, Sonu Sood�s characterization is also fun. But, in the end, it becomes a tiresome watch.(more)

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Watch it without too many expectations.

Despite telling an often told story, the way Sita begins gives one hope of seeing something simple but beautiful play out on-screen with two eccentric characters leading the way. But unfortunately, that's not what it turns out to be. Watch this one for the performances and without too many expectations and you'll not be disappointed. (more)

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Kajal Aggarwal overacts, Bellamkonda Sai cannot act in pointless film

Director Teja's comeback of sorts, Sita is a yawn-inducing mind-numbing film that tries to be a modern take on the Ramayana. Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas is caricaturish while Kajal overacts in this film. Save your money.(more)

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Kajal Aggarwal, Bellamkonda Sreenivas make this film watchable

The film works on a scene-by-scene basis as in its entirety it is mediocre at best. Teja's writing has no regard for time, place, distance and of course, logic. If you are a movie nerd or have a tendency of asking basic questions of everything you see, you will be probably left with hundreds of questions by the end of the film. Why did Sita's father decide to send away Ram at a very young age? Why did not he prepare him for the challenges of the real world? What did Sita's father expect Ram to become? A good boy which he already was. There are many such questions in my head.(more)

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