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Salman Khan packs in punches and blows in this masala entertainer

'Dabangg 3' shows Salman in his element � throwing deadly blows at the villains amidst all the smoke, dust and fire, while you can hear chants of Hudd Hudd Dabangg in the background. And those certainly will be paisa-vasool moments for Salman Khan's fans.(more)

Source: Harshada Rege, Times Of India


It Has Salman Khan Written All Over It!

Dabangg 3 is for every single of Salman Khan fan out there. It might stop intriguing you at places but carries Chulbul's swag throughout. Sudeep is the bad-guy to look forward to.(more)

Source: Umesh Punwani, Koimoi


Salman Khan Dominates Every Frame, Sometimes To His Own Detriment

The drab storyline scrapes the bottom of the genre barrel despite an impressive performance from Kichcha Sudeep.(more)

Source: Saibal Chatterjee , NDTV Movies


A cringe-fest

Dabangg 3, which has a long back-story of how Chulbul came to be called Chulbul, is not just a dreary mish-mash of the previous ones; it's also a cringe-fest.(more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express


Salman Khan film is dabanggai ki height

A Salman Khan film, in this context, is a rollercoaster ride. You buy a ticket, stand in line, take your seat, buckle yourself up, and pray to the almighty that you don't puke on thy neighbour.(more)

Source: Nairita Mukherjee, India Today


Dabangg 3 Review

Dabangg 3 is the kind of indulgent rubbish that dispels the fundamentals of film-making to highlight its hero's virtue and vigour at any cost.(more)

Source: Sukanya Verma.,


A Joyless, Exhausting Ode To The Superstardom Of Salman Khan

When so much time, talent and money is being expended to showcase the superstar, why not also provide him with a script?(more)

Source: Anupama Chopra,


A Very Entertaining, Very Problematic Prequel

Dabangg 3 entertains you with the comic timing but I was constantly reminded while watching this film that we live in times where two women have recently been burned to death after being raped. Nirbhaya is still in the news.(more)



Salman Khan ticks feminism off his list, can we hope to end unchecked police brutality in next?

Dabangg 3 is as unnecessary as a remake of an item song, a romantic angle between another woman 30 years younger than you, and brutality when dealing with protestors, criminals or general public.(more)

Source: Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times